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fessional meetings, college achievements, activities in professional associations and learned societies, and anything else that attests to ful llment of institutional goals and objectives. Both the application and the evidence are packaged and submitted according to guidelines established by the college or university. After review of the vita by department and college faculty, the faculty member usually is reappointed. At the beginning of the sixth year, the faculty member submits another professional vita, for review for promotion and tenure. Typically, this vita is reviewed by the department faculty, a college personnel committee, the college dean, the university personnel committee, and the president or chancellor. At any step in this sequence, a decision can be made to deny or recommend promotion with tenure. The American Association of University Professors (AAUP) recommends that notice . . . be given at least one year prior to the expiration of the probationary period if the teacher is not to be continued in service after the expiration of that period. If tenure is not granted, the individual has no future at the institution, and the appointment for the following year becomes a terminal one. The success or the failure of a professor at a particular institution may not be strictly a matter of competence. Success may occur because of congruity with the criteria mentioned earlier, or failure may result because of con ict with one of them. Young professors should recognize that they may be successful in one context and not in another. The professor earns greater status as he or she moves up the academic ladder. Promotion usually also means opportunities to teach more specialized courses and upper-division or graduate students. The institution allows more time for research and writing, particularly at the university level, and it places greater importance on such activity. The professor actually operates in two realms: that of the employing institution and that of his or her chosen discipline. The latter often commands the greater loyalty and holds the primary interest. As a result, it is not unusual for professors to build more networks with colleagues at other institutions who are in their eld than with colleagues at their own institution who are not in their eld. With promotion, however, their contacts with professors in other elds at their own institution increase. Greater participation in setting policy at the department, college, and institution level is a responsibility of promotion in rank.
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FIGURE 2-17.
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Click Next to open the Component Selection screen of the wizard. Select Install for both components:
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CME S&P 500 Futures (SP) chart Powered by Option Vue 6
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Pentium Pro, Pentium II, Pentium III, and Pentium 4 processors include
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The equation to solve is 1=40 1=30 3=4t. The LCD is 120t. 1 1 3 40 30 4t     1 1 3 120t 120t 40 30 4t     1 1 120t 120t 90 40 30 3t 4t 90 7t 90 90 t 7 Together, they will work 90=7 12 6 minutes. 7 A pipe can ll a reservoir in 6 hours. Another pipe can ll the same reservoir in 4 hours. If the second pipe is used alone for 21 hours, then 2 the rst pipe joins the second to nish the job, how long will the rst pipe be used The amount of time Pipe I is used is the same as the amount of time both pipes work together. Let t represent the number of hours both
A string is a series of characters that are enclosed within quotations. "Hello, world!" is a string, and so is "121 Gordon Street". Notice that a string can contain numbers, but those numbers won't normally be used in a calculation. However, numbers that are contained within a string can be used in a calculation if the string is converted to a number. For example, " 1 0 is a string and not a number value. Removing the quotations transforms the string into a number. You'll learn how to convert strings to number values and number values to strings in the section "Casting: Converting Data Types" later in this chapter.
Recipient policy for Marketing users (priority Default policy (priority lowest)
The AOE and SOE rules work not only when the exponents are integers, but for any rational numbers. You might call these facts the generalized addition-of-exponents (GAOE) rule and the generalized subtractionof-exponents (GSOE) rule.
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