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Adding Headers, Footers, and Page Numbers
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fixed-point iterationscheme to solve this equation for H given= 5, S : 0.0002.B :20, and r : 0.03.Provethat 0 your greaterthan or scheme converges all initial guesses for equal zero. t0 6,25 if youcandevelopa lbolproof function to compute See fie frictionlactor based on the Colebrook equation as described in Sec.6.6. Yor.rr function should return a precise rcsult Reynolds numberranging from .1000to | 07and lbr for e/D ranging 0.00001 0.05. fiom to 6,26 the Nervton-Raphson Use method to find the root of :'@_ x)-2 .f(.r)-.-tr Employ gucsses (a) 2, (b) 6, and (c) 8. Explainyour initial of rcsults. 6J Given -Zrb - l.-5.r4 lox * 2 * f (t) = (he Useroot a location technique dctt'rminc maxirnumof to this function. Perlbrmiterationsuntil the approximaterelative enorialls below 5%,.If you usc a br'ackctingmcthod,
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Fig. 6.4 Virus structure and action. (A) Four major types of virus structure. (B) Bacteriophage attacking a bacterium.
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Adding an Array Element
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Following the insightful clinical observations and anatomic studies of Wernicke, Dejerine, and Liepmann, the concept of disconnection of parts of one or both cerebral hemispheres as a cause of neurologic dif culty was introduced to neurologic thinking. In more recent years, these ideas were resurrected and modernized by Geschwind and greatly extended by Sperry and by Gazzaniga. Geschwind called attention to several clinical syndromes resulting from interruption of the connections between the two cerebral hemispheres in the corpus callosum or between different parts of one hemisphere. Some of these are illustrated in Fig. 22-6. When the entire corpus callosum is destroyed by tumor or surgical section, the language and perception areas of the left hemisphere are isolated from the right hemisphere. Patients with such lesions, if blindfolded, are unable to match an object held in one hand with that in the other. Objects placed in the right hand are named correctly, but not those in the left. Furthermore, if rapid presentation is used to avoid bilateral visual scanning, such patients cannot match an object seen in the right half of the visual eld with one in the left half. They are also alexic in the left visual eld, since the verbal symbols that are seen there and are projected to regions of the right hemisphere have no access to the language areas of the left hemisphere. If given a verbal command, such patients will execute it correctly with the right hand but not with the left; if asked to write from dictation with the left hand, they will produce only an illegible scrawl. Many remarkable conclusions regarding the nature of behavior and the special roles of each cerebral hemisphere have been drawn from clever observations of patients with callosal section. Extensive discussion of these neuropsychologic abnormalities cannot be undertaken here; suf ce it to say that these are not features seen in patients with the usual neurologic diseases, but they are nonetheless of interest to neurologists and are discussed in the writings of Gazzaniga. In most lesions con ned to the posterior portion of the corpus callosum (splenium), only the visual part of the disconnection syndrome occurs. Cases of occlusion of the left posterior cerebral artery provide the best examples. Since infarction of the left occipital lobe causes a right homonymous hemianopia, all visual information needed for activating the speech areas of the left hemisphere must thereafter come from the right occipital lobe. The patient with a lesion of the splenium of the corpus callosum or the adjacent white matter cannot read or name colors because the visual information cannot reach the left language areas. There is, however, no dif culty in copying words; presumably the visual information for ac-
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used to mark the holes in the cabinet. This way you will avoid scratching the video player. If you want to cut a nice square hole, you can use a handy notching tool that takes small rectangular nibbles from plastic or thin metal; these can be purchased at most hardware stores, and make this job a lot easier than using a jigsaw of file. Figure 8-20 shows the video screen and play button holes cut out of the enclosure so that I can just drop my video player inside anytime I want to do this hoax. Since I wanted the ability to easily remove the video player when the hoax was over, I just placed the player into the cabinet and stuffed it with toilet paper so it would hold the player in the correct place
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J1,J2 BNC type jacks J3 J4 S1 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack 1 2.5 mm concentric power socket, PC-mount SPDT miniature toggle switch
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Concrete formulas.
y = x 3 + 6x 2 + 14x + 7 is the solid curve, and the approximate graph for y = 3x + 1 is the dashed line.
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