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(Hint: Consider the mixed strategies (1/3, 0, 0, 1/2, 1/6, 0, 0, 0) and (2/3, 0, 0, 1/3).) 7.16. A salad is any combination of the following ingredients: (1) tomato, (2) lettuce, (3) spinach, (4) carrot, and (5) oil. Each salad must contain: (A) at least 15 grams of protein, (B) at least 2 and at most 6 grams of fat, (C) at least 4 grams of carbohydrates, (D) at most 100 milligrams of sodium. Furthermore, (E) you do not want your salad to be more than 50% greens by mass. The nutritional contents of these ingredients (per 100 grams) are
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Display Dynamic Filter Values (DYNAMIC_FILTERS_VISIBLE) Display Variables (VARIABLES_VISIBLE)
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nitrocellulose sheet that absorbs DNA
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The data source can be as simple as a function called in the C# portion of the application, or it may use a special ASP.NET function. For example, further on in the chapter, you will see the following line that provides the source as one of the fields in a database table:
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The inverse transform of eqn. (4.50) (which can be found using partial fractions) yields the autocorrelation function for the system output c# example
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cycle year to the highs of the following election year. These results are shown in Table 8-5, which was prepared by the Hays Advisory Group.5 Of the 21 midterm years until the election years, 20 have produced gains. Although the S&P 500 Index gains have ranged from 18.4 percent to 121.9 percent, the average gain has been 56.8 percent. Excluding the only loss of 43.6 percent from 1930 to 1932, the average gain for the period has been 61.8 percent. The Hays Advisory Group also provided data on the performance of the November through April time frame for each midterm election year from 1950 through 1998.6 Figure 8-1 depicts the S&P 500 Index gains in the midterm (second) election year. As you can see every single year produced a gain. As of July 1, 2003, this midterm election year looks like another winner with the major averages up at least 10 percent for the year to date. Table 8-6, also provided by the Hays Advisory Group, provides the S&P 500 data not only for the midterm year but the other surrounding years as well.7 Just examining the midterm year November to April performance since 1950, we see that in every instance there was a positive return. The mean return was 18.1 percent, with the lowest return being 9 percent in 1994 and the highest 24.9 percent in 1970. The next best year was the pre-election year with a mean return of 6.3 percent, with only two years of small negative returns. The election year November April period returned an average 3.8 percent with three negative years. Lastly, the postelection year performance was the worst, with a 1.8 percent return with seven down periods.
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16. Which of the following must you have in order to send and receive e-mail on the Internet A. B. C. D. A. B. C. D. A. B. C. D. A. B. C. D. A. B. C. D. A web browser A connection to a mail server A dial-up connection All of the above Uses the HTTP protocol Uses the FTP protocol Is the largest network in the world Allows users to send e-mail and view web pages A protocol used for transferring web pages A service that resolves IP addresses to domain names A service that supplies computers with IP addresses A language used to create web pages Most web browsers use HTTP by default. HTTP is faster than FTP. HTTP and FTP are used to transfer HTML web pages. HTTP is unable to support streaming media. A web page with hyperlinks and graphics A directory structure of downloadable files A directory structure of websites A directory structure of the servers used to relay data between your computer and the specified Internet server
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The McGraw Hill Companies, 2010
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We must substitute our solutions into all three of the original equations. We did it indirectly for the first equation in Answer 18-8, but if we want to be completely rigorous, we must plug all three values into that equation along with the other two. (What if we made a mistake in Answer 18-8 Don t laugh. Things like that can and do happen!) Here are the original three equations again, for reference: 4x = 8 + 4y + 4z 2y = 5 + x 5z 4z = 13 2x + y Grinding out the numbers in the first equation, we get 4x = 8 + 4y + 4z 4 6=8+4 3+4 1 24 = 8 + 12 + 4 24 = 24 Check one. In the second equation, we get 2y = 5 + x 5z 2 3=5+6 5 1 6=5+6 5 6=6 Check two. In the third equation, we get 4z = 13 2x + y 4 1 = 13 2 6 + 3 4 = 13 12 + 3 4=4 Check three. Mission accomplished! Note that in the mixed addition/subtraction here, we proceed directly from left to right after the equals sign. We subtract 12, and then we add 3. We don t subtract the quantity (12 + 3)! If we have any doubts when we come across a situation like this, we can change the subtraction to negative addition. If we do that in the above calculation, we get an extra step, so the whole sequence goes like this: data matrix barcode
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Various Internet sites provide up-to-the-minute maps of the sky for stargazers. One excellent site can be found by pointing your browser to Weather Underground at the following URL and then clicking on the link that says Astronomy. From there, it s a simple matter of following the online instructions. Some star maps are drawn so that the sky appears as it would if you lie on your back with your head facing north and your feet facing south. Thus west appears on your right, and east appears on your left (Fig. 1-7a). Others are drawn so that the sky appears as it would if your head were facing south and your feet were facing north, so west appears on your left and east appears on your right (Fig. 1-7b). Points having equal elevation form concentric circles, with the zenith (90 degrees) being a point at the center of the map and the horizon (0 degrees) being a large circle representing the periphery of the map. Simplified sets of grid lines for such az/el maps are shown in both illustrations of Fig. 1-7. These maps show the Sun and the pole star Polaris as they might appear at midafternoon from a location near Lake Tahoe (or anyplace else on Earth at the same latitude as Lake Tahoe). The gray line represents the path of the Sun across the sky that day. From this you might get some idea of the time of year this map represents. Go ahead and take an educated guess! Here are two hints: The Sun rises exactly in the east and sets exactly in the west. The situation shown can represent either of two approximate dates.
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