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Incremental Backup
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What s happening here is that we re using the onmousedown event of the <body> element (which represents the whole web page) to respond to mouse down events (that is, the mouse button was pressed). When the user presses the mouse button while in the page, the onmousedown event fires (that s the technical term) and the JavaScript assigned to that event is executed. In this case, that JavaScript is the statement alert('You clicked the page.'), which displays a JavaScript alert box (that is, a dialog box) with the text You clicked the page. in it.
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When you add the default answer parameter, the dialog reply record includes a text returned property containing the text in the text-entry field as well as the button returned property containing the button clicked. For example, the dialog box shown in Figure 8-11 returns a dialog reply record like this:
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Carboxylic acid
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FIGURE A2-42 Approximate weights of roofing materials, based on 100 square feet of material intalled.
of This matrix, in fact, represents efficient storage the LU factorizationof [Al, an lAl tLltul (10.1l)
tions. In the rst hours and days following the hemorrhage, a limited amount of edema accumulates around the clot and adds to the mass effect. Hydrocephalus may occur as a result of bleeding into the ventricular system or from compression of the third ventricle. Extravasated blood undergoes a predictable series of changes. At rst uid, it clots within hours. Before the clot forms, red cells may settle in the dependent part of the hematoma and form a meniscus with the plasma above; this is particularly prone to occur in cases of anticoagulant-induced hemorrhage. A uid- uid level is then observed on scans ( hematocrit effect ). Only masses of red blood cells (RBCs) and proteins are found within the hematoma; rarely one sees a few remnants of destroyed brain tissue. The hematoma is surrounded by petechial hemorrhages from torn arterioles and venules. Within a few days, hemoglobin products, mainly hemosiderin and hematoidin, begin to appear. The hemosiderin forms within histiocytes that have phagocytized RBCs and takes the form of ferritin granules, which stain positively for iron. As oxyhemoglobin is liberated from the RBCs and becomes deoxygenated, methemoglobin is formed. This begins within a few days and imparts a brownish hue to the periphery of the clot. Phagocytosis of RBCs begins within 24 h, and hemosiderin is rst observed around the margins of the clot in 5 to 6 days. The clot changes color gradually, over a few weeks, from dark red to pale red, and the border of golden-brown hemosiderin widens. The edema disappears over many days or weeks. In 2 to 3 months, larger clots are lled with a chrome-colored mush, which is slowly absorbed, leaving a smooth-walled cavity (slit hemorrhage) or a yellow-brown scar. The iron pigment (hematin) becomes dispersed and studs adjacent astrocytes and neurons. It may persist well beyond the border of the hemorrhage for years. In CT scans, fresh blood is visualized as a white mass as soon as it is shed. The mass effect and the surrounding extruded serum and edema are hypodense. After 2 to 3 weeks, the surrounding edema begins to recede and the density of the hematoma decreases, rst at the periphery. Gradually the clot becomes isodense with brain. There may be a ring of enhancement from the hemosiderin lled macrophages and the reacting cells forming the capsule of the hemorrhage. By MRI, either in conventional T1- or T2weighted images, the hemorrhage is not easily visible in the 2 or 3 days after bleeding, since oxyhemoglobin is diamagnetic or, at most, is slightly hypointense, so that only the mass effect is evident. After several days the surrounding edema is hyperintense in T2weighted images. As deoxyhemoglobin and methemoglobin form, the hematoma signal becomes bright on T1-weighted images and dark on T2. As the hematoma becomes subacute, the dark images gradually brighten. When methemoglobin disappears and only hemosiderin remains, the entire remaining mass is hypodense on T2weighted images, as are the surrounding deposits of iron. MR images that display areas of magnetic susceptibility will show hemorrhages earlier and detect remnants of deposited hemosiderin even years afterwards. Hemorrhages may be described as massive, moderate, small, slit, and petechial. Massive refers to hemorrhages several centimeters in diameter; small applies to those 1 to 2 cm in diameter and less than 20 mL in volume; a moderate-sized hemorrhage, of course, falls between these two, both in diameter and in volume. Slit refers to an old collapsed hypertensive or traumatic hemorrhage that lies just beneath the cortex. Pathogenesis The hypertensive vascular lesion that leads to arterial rupture in some cases appears to arise from an arterial wall
CustomerNumber The customer number is a string of a maximum of 30 characters. Customerstreet The customer street is a string of a maximum of 30 characters. CustomerCity The customer city is a string of a maximum of 30 characters. Customerstate The customer state is a string of a maximum of 2 characters. CustomerZip The customer ZIP code is a string of a maximum of 10 characters. CustomerCtry The customer country code is a string of a maximum of 5 characters.
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