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Miami and Pittsburgh are 1000 miles apart. A plane ew into a 50-mph headwind from Miami to Pittsburgh. On the return ight the 50-mph wind became a tailwind. The plane was in the air a total of 41 hours for 2 the round trip. What would have been the plane s average speed without the wind Let r represent the plane s average speed (in mph) without the wind. The plane s average speed against the wind is r 50 (from Miami to Pittsburgh) and the plane s average speed with the wind is r 50 (from Pittsburgh to Miami). The distance from Miami to Pittsburgh is 1000 D miles. With this information we can use T to compute the time in R the air in each direction. The time in the air from Miami to Pittsburgh is 1000 1000 . The time in the air from Pittsburgh to Miami is . The time r 50 r 50 in the air from Miami to Pittsburgh plus the time in the air from Pittsburgh to Miami is 4 1 4:5 hours. The equation to solve is 2 1000 1000 4:5. The LCD is r 50 r 50 . r 50 r 50 1000 r 50 r 50 r 50 1000 r 50 r 50 4:5 r 50 r 50 r 50 1000 r 50 1000 r 50 4:5 r 50 r 50 1000r 50,000 1000r 50,000 4:5 r2 2500 2000r 4:5r2 11,250 0 4:5r2 2000r 11,250
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Wohlers: Applying AutoCAD 2010
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These episodes, referred to as psychogenic seizures, are nonepileptic in nature i.e., they are not caused by an abnormal neuronal discharge. They are mentioned here because they are quite common and frequently mistaken for epileptic seizures and treated with anticonvulsant drugs, to which they are characteristically unresponsive. Such seizures are most often a symptom of hysteria in the female (Briquet disease) or of compensation neurosis and malingering in males and females, in which case the terms sham seizures and pseudoseizures are appropriate. Of course, patients with true epileptic seizures sometimes exhibit hysterical seizures as well, and distinguishing the two may be dif cult. Usually, however, the motor display in the course of a nonepileptic seizure is suf cient to identify it as such: completely asynchronous thrashing of the limbs and repeated side-to-side movements of the head; striking out at a person who is trying to restrain the patient; hand-biting, kicking, trembling, and quivering; pelvic thrusting and opisthotonic arching postures; and screaming or talking during the ictus. In general, pseudoseizures tend to occur in the presence of other people, to be precipitated by emotional factors, and to be prolonged for many minutes or hours; with few exceptions, tongue-biting, incontinence, hurtful falls, or postictal confusion are lacking. No single one of these features is determinative, however. Prolonged fugue states in our practice usually have proved to be manifestations of hysteria or a psychopathy even in a known epileptic. The serum creatine kinase and prolactin levels are normal after hysterical seizures; this may be helpful in distinguishing them from genuine convulsions. Where doubt remains, a recording of the ictal or postictal EEG or the combined video and EEG recording of an attack will settle the issue. This subject is discussed further in Chap. 56.
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Upgrading, Extending, and Optimizing System Performance
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Advanced Spreads 151
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14: Automating Microsoft Word
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| Regional Approach to Aesthetic Rejuvenation
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Other Privileged Accounts
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This process will not, in general, work to solve a three-by-three system. Which of the following constitutes a fatal flaw in our friend s scheme (a) The process can work only if the system is consistent. (b) The process completely ignores the third equation. (c) The process does not use the addition method at any point. (d) The process does not employ matrix morphing. (e) The process can produce a solution only if the system is inconsistent. 147. There s something else wrong with the process outlined in Question 146. What s that (a) The third bulleted step will not actually give us a two-by-two system. (b) The two-by-two system derived in the third step will be inconsistent. (c) There is no way to derive an expression for x in terms of y and z. (d) It will cause us to unwittingly divide by 0. (e) It will cause us to unwittingly subtract an equation from itself.
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You can edit text that was created with the DTEXT command right on the screen. 1. Double-click the text you just created. The text becomes highlighted against a blue background. 2. Move the pointer to the area containing the text and pick a point between the words ALL and ROUNDS. 3. Enter FILLETS AND so that the line now reads:
<input id="Submit1" name="SubBtn" size="250" style="font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; font-weight: bold; font-style: inherit; font-variant: small-caps; text-transform: capitalize; color: #800000; text-decoration: none" type="submit" value="Send Information" />
Reproduction in Animals: Sexual or Asexual
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Setting a Signature for an E-mail Message
boolean You can coerce a boolean value to an integer number by using as integer. The result is 1 for true or 0 for false.
This book is a pocket book for a reason. It is designed to be used as an everyday backup tool. Use it. Carry it around with you. Make notes in the margins. Fill it with page markers and post-it notes. That s what it s designed for.
Application: Find a Friend
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