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I had a rural carrier friend who was constantly complaining about keeping his old delivery car going, Johnson recalls. He was tired of driving with the controls on the left and the mailboxes on the right. Knowing I did modifying, he wanted to buy a new Jeep and have me convert it to right-hand drive. We checked one out at the local Jeep dealer and verified that the frame had been drilled on the right for a steering box, and I figured it could be done. The trick would be steering. Was there such a thing as a right-side steering box and mounting bracket The dealer and I checked the parts books, and, sure enough, we could get the parts. My friend bought the Jeep based entirely on my assurance that I could do the changeover. The first one was a lot of work they re easier once you teach yourself. I had to alter the dashboard for the steering column changeover, move the heater from right to left and rewire it, replace the steering box with the right-drive one, and relocate the steering column. The good part was that the instruments were in a center cluster so I could leave them pretty much alone. My friend loved the Jeep and my changeover and showed it around. Next thing you know, I had a second one to do. Then the Manchester [New Hampshire] postmaster saw it and loved it. Johnson s new business really took off when he ran an advertisement in the newsletter that reaches all rural mail carriers. When the ad ran, I spent the next three days at the phone taking orders, Johnson says. He has had to advertise only occasionally since. Johnson has converted more than four hundred Jeeps. He has had as many as ten conversion orders at a time and delivered sixtyseven in one hectic year. There s nobody here but me, in a barn behind the house, Johnson says. It really tickled me when an overseas buyer wanted to see the factory! What was I going to show him Not surprisingly, business came in bunches from areas where he had sold one or two vehicles. For instance, after one sale, I got nine more, all from around Lakeland, Florida. I ve had about forty repeat buyers, too.
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Part IV: Applied Security for Oracle APEX and Oracle Business Intelligence
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Interactivity: Forms and User Input
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<script language = "javascript"> function callback(unusedVariable, searchTerm, arrayTerm, unusedArray) { var data = "<table>"; var loopIndex; for (loopIndex = 1; loopIndex < arrayTerm.length; loopIndex++) {
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You use this parameter to determine whether navigation or other interactions are possible in the Web application.
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public partial class _Dreamer : System.Web.UI.Page { protected void DoDream(object sender, EventArgs e) { Dreams.Text = DreamBox.Text + "'s dreams are big ones!"; } }
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Work the following problems to practice the commands and skills you learned in this chapter. 1. Open workshed.dwg. Use the 3 Point option of the UCS command to create a UCS on the back wall of the shed. Save the UCS using a name of your choice. With this as the current UCS, add two windows to the back wall. Choose the shape, size, and location of the windows. Save the drawing as prb41-1.dwg. 2. Open the workshed.dwg and view it in an isometric view of your choice. Create a UCS with the View button. Then make a border and title block for the 3D model. Save your work as prb41-2.dwg.
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16: Automating Microsoft Entourage
when it is invoked in the command Note that narsin behaves little diff'erently a window. In the commandwindow, it must include a string argumentspecifyingthe funcin tion and it returnsthe numberof arguments the function. For example,
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The McGraw Hill Companies, 2010
optimal months strategy used. That strategy produced an annual return of 14.9 percent, or an astonishing $5,189,384 over the 45 years tested. With only a slightly higher 0.3 percent standard deviation than the LBM strategy and virtually equivalent drawdowns, this strategy added another $3 million to the bottom line. Also, on a risk-adjusted basis, this strategy had the highest annual return of all the strategies illustrated, at 13.7 percent. Freeburg also tested the strategy of investing in the market (using the DJIA) only in the pre-election and election year from 1886 to 2001, and going into cash in the other two years.4 He found that this strategy resulted in an annual return of 5.9 percent compared to 5.2 percent for buy-and-hold. This 70-basis-point difference, on a $10,000 initial investment, was valued at $8.4 million at the end of the test period, compared to $3.7 million for buy-and-hold. The opposite strategy of investing in the two weakest performing years and going to cash during the two strong years since 1886 has returned 3.6 percent per year, worth $607,000. This is 93 percent less than the optimal strategy. Freeburg ran additional leveraged tests of the data, using the strongest months in the strongest years, and they confirmed Vakkur s results. Since Vakkur analyzed the data through 1995, the question is how has the four-year presidential cycle (in particular using the strongest months in the strongest years) performed since then Freeburg, who updated the data from 1995 through April 2002, found that using Vakkur s methodology produced an annual gain of 17.4 percent a year compared to 10.7 percent for the buyand-hold S&P 500 Index. Even since 1886, use of the same methodology has given an annual return of 8.3 percent compared to 5.2 percent for the DJIA. In conclusion, focusing on the optimal months in the presidential election cycle years really brings home the bacon. This strategy is far superior to just investing during the entire pre-election and election years, with outstanding return and risk parameters.
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