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The FriendsMap Activity is the final Activity that will be callable from the main application. This Activity will call your recordset from the Friends database and draw a circle on a Google Map for each friend. The Activity will also draw a circle for you at your current location. You need to begin by adding two new files to your project, friendsmap.xml and Because you have seen the layout for the friendsmap.xml file in 9, there is no need to fully explain it here. You are using a RelativeLayout to place four Buttons over a Google Map. The full friendsmap.xml file should look like this:
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4 / Frogbotic: Build Your Own Robotic Frog
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| Regional Approach to Aesthetic Rejuvenation
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If frmCaption.DialogResult = DialogResult.OK Then
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Eqns. (8.96) and (8.97) are in the exact form considered in Example 5.4. Therefore, the solution is Ia (k) = Ia (k) B(k) where 1 Bk = Bk 1 + k Ia Ia Bk 1 (8.98)
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Figure 9-2
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