Using the Cell Phone s GPS Functionality in Android

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Applied SAP BI 7.0 Web Reports
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The remaining $1.62 in premium is the time value on this option. Total premium intrinsic value time value
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CREATE OR REPLACE type bi_security_select.array AS TABLE OF VARCHAR2(255); / CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION bi_security_select.get_groups ( p_username IN VARCHAR2) RETURN bi_security_select.array pipelined AS --You must set these variables for your own environment ldap_host VARCHAR2(256):= '' ; --Recommend using SSL ldap_port PLS_INTEGER := '389'; ldap_user VARCHAR2(256):= 'cn=orcladmin'; --If your LDAP is setup to allow anonymous binds, use null for a password --Otherwise, you need to specify a password here ldap_password VARCHAR2(256):= NULL; group_base VARCHAR2(256):= 'cn=Groups,dc=aos,dc=oracle,dc=com'; user_base VARCHAR2(256):= 'cn=Users,dc=aos,dc=oracle,dc=com'; retval PLS_INTEGER;
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A plot can also be developed comparing these results with the analytical solution obtained with Eq. (9.25),
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The variance of a random variable quanti es the variation of the random 2 variable relative to its expected value. If we de ne w = var(w), then w is called the standard deviation of w. The k-th moment of w is de ned by E wk =
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TABLE 4-24
ALOHA A channel access method whereby a message is sent in a non-scheduled fashion. If a collision occurs, a back-off occurs and another attempt is made. AM Amplitude Modulation. A modulation technique that involves changes to a signal carrier s amplitude. APDU Application Protocol Data Unit. A packet of information.
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Connect up a fresh 9 volt battery (preferably heavy duty alkaline type), a speaker or earphone, a short length of wire (about two feet) to serve as antenna, or the telescopic whip if the optional matching case and knob set was purchased. Now, set the volume and the tuning controls to the center of their range, then press the power switch ON, you should hear some rushing noise from your speaker. Next, rotate the volume control and see if it does its job, then slowly turn L2 s slug back and forth for maximum noise. This noise should be similar to what you would hear when a regular FM radio is tuned between stations. L2 may be tuned with a regular blade style screwdriver. Try turning the tuning control, and see if you can receive any stations, but don t be alarmed if nothing is received since we haven t adjusted the oscillator coil yet. The oscillator coil, L1, is adjustable to receive from 70 to 110 MHz. We have to adjust it to cover the frequency range of interest. For alignment purposes we ll work with the understanding that the standard FM 88-108 MHz band is what we wish to receive. Using an insulated alignment tool, slowly rotate L1 s slug gently so that the slug is even with the top of the coil form. (Do not force the slug; if it binds, rotate the slug back and gently rock it to-and-fro as you would a thread forming tap. Slugs are by nature very brittle and will crack easily.) Now carefully rotate the slug into the coil form seven turns. The slug will be in about 1 4 . Rotate the tune control until you hear an FM broadcast signal. Adjust L2 for best sound. Install R9, 10k ohm (brown, black, orange). R9 adds in AFC voltage to stabilize against drift. Without it your radio may wander. After a signal is received, rotate the tune control to receive other stations. If the stations seem to jump away as you try to tune one in, the coil L1 is adjusted incorrectly and should be re-tuned. The reason for this odd phenomenon is that the AFC circuit is pushing the signal away rather than pulling it in. This is caused by having the oscillator 10.7 MHz below the desired signal rather than 10.7 MHz above it. A similar example of this is closing your eyes, hearing a sound, but not being able to determine if it is in front of, or behind you. Readjusting L1 will correct this situation.
Imbedding a function call within an expression is particularly advantageous if the return value is going to be used only once in your application, because you don't have to declare a variable to hold the return value. However, it is wise to assign the return value to a variable if the return value is going to be used in more than one expression, because you only need to call the function once. You can call a function without retrieving its return value, in which case you don't use it as part of an expression.
The Cartesian Plane
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