Using the Cell Phone s GPS Functionality in Android

Build qrcode in Android Using the Cell Phone s GPS Functionality

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Figure 14-12
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18: Modifying and Maneuvering
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And let s not forget the golden rule if you can t handle the output, then it s too powerful to be used on anyone else. Want to show off the awesome power of your new toy but can t find anyone brave enough to grab a hold of the output terminals Try these cool experiments that don t require a human victim. Connect the output to a large fluorescent tube and it will light up. Place the output terminals on some fresh bread and it will start to sizzle and burn after a few seconds. Carefully charge up the original photo flash capacitor by connecting it to the output terminals for a few seconds then drop it across a dime to hear an extremely load crack and a huge spark; it will leave a nice pit where the metal was blown away. This concludes the shocking part of this chapter. Now, I will show you some less painful ways to confuse and scare your good friends for some Evil Genius payback that you might owe them. code 39 barcode
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Monitoring and Maintenance
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Now click OK to create the new connection agreement. A dialog box will appear indicating that two new security groups, Exchange Enterprise Servers and Exchange Domain Servers, have been created in AD.
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