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12. C. When you double-click a file s icon, the file will open. If this is an application file, such as a document or image, the host application will be launched and the file opened within it. If it is an executable file, the program will run.
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4. Add the with prompt parameter and the text of the prompt, as shown in boldface here:
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it, the more attention it got but once again, nobody in New York would believe it was really original and rust free. So we started driving it back home to Phoenix. I ll never forget the one guy who did believe. He flagged me down in Fillmore, Indiana. He couldn t get enough. Here was the car of his dreams, in his town, for sale. He just kept circling the car, round and round, stalking it, almost. Of course, he didn t have the money but he was so hooked he wanted us to come live with him until he could raise it. We couldn t do that we had to get home. So with long faces all around, we returned to Phoenix. In a last-ditch effort, we drove another four hundred miles to a Chevelle show in Los Angeles. We didn t even enter, just parked it in the spectators area but won a trophy for the best unrestored [nonentered] car. And we sold the car at that show for a $1,500 loss. I thought I d have some fun with the whole misadventure, so I wrote a letter to Hemmings titled How I Spent My Summer Vacation, and they printed it. That letter started my locating business. People responded, asking me if I could find rust-free Arizona and California cars for them. They were believers just the opposite of the folks I d met in my travels. Chesher has been locating for five years and has moved from 300 to 350 cars. While not a staggering number, he has made money from the enterprise and enjoys what he does. It s hard to get people s trust, but I ve had no complaints about the cars I ve found for people. I have repeat customers and people I can use for references. People tell auto locaters what they want, and the locater acts as an investigator, reading ads and going to car shows in an attempt to find cars. When the locator finds a car that might be right, he or she takes pictures for the buyer, then reports back on the condition, odometer reading, and so forth. It s the locator s job to negotiate best price and report it to the buyer, who wires the money, including a locator fee. Says
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brain, leaving a visible track as it moves. Subcutaneous nodules are the most common lesions. This parasite is found predominantly in the Far East. The nervous system may also be invaded directly by certain worms (Ascaris, Filaria) and ukes (Schistosoma, Paragonimus). These diseases are virtually nonexistent in the United States except among those who have recently returned from endemic areas. Schistosomiasis, however, is of such great importance and often invades the nervous system in such characteristic ways that it is considered below in detail.
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Terminating Decimals
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Integer Powers
forms for expressing interpolatingpolynomial beyond There are a variety of alternative an (15.2). Newton's interpolatingpolynomial is among the most the familiar format of Eq. popular and useful forms. Before presentingthe generalequation,we will introducethe versionsbecause their simple visual interpretation. first- and second-order of 15.2.1 lineor Interpolotion The simplestform of interpolationis to connecttwo datapoints with a straightline. This technique,called linear interpolation,is depictedgraphicallyin Fig. 15.2. Using similar triansles.
Note that the Count property of the Select.Items object is used to determine the length of the array (number of options.) Also note that 1 is subtracted from the number of options because like all arrays, this one is zero-based. Figure 5-5 shows a typical pop-up menu using an HTML Select form. As a user interface, the Select form is handy for saving room; however, Select forms need to be used judiciously. Often users will overlook a pop-up menu as the correct category for a selection. If they do, they may miss something they re trying to find. (That definitely is not something that you want to happen in an e-business application!) You re pretty safe using them with well-known categories like states and countries, though.
many parts of the nervous system that the clinical entities by which they are identi ed cannot be easily addressed in any one part of this book. In their overlapping relationships, however, these diseases are unlike the more discrete clinical entities caused by nuclear genetic mutations. Their diversity is evident not only in certain details of their clinical presentations but also in the age at which symptoms rst become apparent, and what is most intriguing sometimes in the abrupt onset of their neurologic manifestations. Most of this variability is understandable from the principles of mitochondrial genetics outlined in the introductory section of this chapter. Of particular importance is the mosaicism of the mitochondria within cells and from cell to cell and the crucial role the organelles play in the oxidative energy metabolism that supports the function of cells in all organs. Fortunately for the clinician, the most important of these diseases are expressed in several recognizable core syndromes and in a few variants thereof. A number of acronyms formed from the initial letters of the main clinical features have been used to designate the major mitochondrial syndromes: MERRF, MELAS, PEO, NARP, etc., as summarized in Table 37-9. The addition of certain subtle dysmorphic features including short stature; endocrinopathies, particularly diabetes; and a number of other systemic abnormalities such as lactic acidosis (discussed further on) aids in diagnosis. These diseases are the result of mutations in the mitochondrial
cord = 0; if y(1) > L %determine lf the cord exerts a force c o r d = k / m * ( y ( 1 ) - L ) + q a m m a , / m * y( 2 ) ; end - cordl; g - sign(y(2))*cdr'm*y(2)^2 dydt - ly(2li Notice that the derivatives are returned as a column vector because this is the format .^n,'irert hrr the MA'l'T,AR solvefs.
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