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Careers in Architecture
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In this book, we will use the very familiar pattern of black spots on a living gira e (Figure 1.2, B) as a symbol to represent particular cases of Biological Order within living things. 2. Living organisms are sensitive to changes in their surrounding environment and respond to them. An earthworm will respond to hot, dry air by quickly burrowing into the cool, moist earth for safety. A row of sprouting bean plants in a box by a window will eventually tilt and grow in the direction of the incoming light. These are just two of the ways in which the huge variety of living organisms can respond to changes in their surrounding environment. 3. Living things produce movement, either internally or externally (outside of their bodies). A crab, for instance, moves its claws externally to clasp a dead minnow and engulf it. The tiny pieces of eaten minnow then move internally, through the crab s digestive tract. 4. Living organisms undergo growth and specialization of their anatomy and physiology as they become older. At rst, a newborn shark is tiny, and it has few or no teeth in its jaws. But the shark keeps growing larger and larger for as long as it lives. And it develops a set of razor-sharp teeth in both jaws for cutting and shredding its prey.
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Time-Saving Tips and Tables for Builders
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Figure 5-6. Artificial gravity is produced by rotating the
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Back pain (continued ) facet syndrome, 180 infectious, 181 intraspinal hemorrhage, 182 lumbar adhesive arachnoiditis, 180, 181f lumbar congenital anomalies, 172 173 lumbar disk herniation, 174 179, 175t lumbar stenosis and spondylotic caudal radiculopathy, 179 180 neoplastic, 181 osteoarthritis and osteoarthropathy, 180 postural, 182 psychiatric, 182 183 traumatic, 173 174 visceral disease, 182 examination in, 170 172, 172f failed back syndrome and, 183 local, 169 prevention of, 183 with spinal tumors, 1081 Baclofen, for spinal cord injury, 1055 Bacterial encephalitis, 601 603 acute toxic encephalopathy in, 603 Bacillus anthracis, 603 Brucella, 603 Legionella, 602 Listeria monocytogenes, 602 Mycoplasma pneumoniae, 601 602 Rochalimaea henselae, 602 603 Tropheryma whippelii, 603 Bacterial infections, 593 620. See also speci c infections myelitis secondary to, 1059 1061 Bacterial meningitis, 593 601, 634 biology of, 593 594, 595t clinical features of, 595 596 differential diagnosis of, 598 epidemiology of, 594 meningococcal, 596 pathogenesis of, 594 595 pathologic-clinical correlations in, 595t pneumococcal, 596 prognosis of, 601 recurrent, 598 seizures due to, 290 spinal uid examination in, 596 598 treatment of, 598 601, 599t, 600t tuberculous, 609 611, 610f types of, 594 Bacterial toxins, disorders due to, 1030 1032 Balamuthia encephalitis, 625 Balint syndrome, 406 407, 677
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6. You will be returned to the main Security page. Note that the options have changed
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18: Modifying and Maneuvering
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columns, it is easy to spot extreme readings. For example, when weekly lows were over 900, as they were in the weeks ending October 11, 2002 (962 new lows), July 26, 2002 (1131), and September 21, 2001 (1035), those were excellent times to go long the market. On the other hand, when weekly highs hit over 600 as they did in the week ending December 29, 2000 (663), and March 8, 2002 (614) that indicated a potential market high and time to sell or go short. Moreover, when new highs are scarce, the weekly reading of between 60 to 80 portends that the market bottom has probably been reached. This occurred in the weeks ending April 21, 2000 (61 highs), September 14, 2001 (63), July 26, 2002 (60), August 2, 2002 (78), and October 11, 2002 (77) all of which turned out to be excellent buying opportunities.
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11. Click on the letter that is the first letter in the username to which you wish to assign a
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Question 29-7
Roman Numerals
Recombinant-DNA Methodology
Run the project. Click the Read button to display the Open dialog box. Select a file and click the Open button. The message box will display the path to and name of the file. You can now close the message box, and then the form.
proprioceptive bers in the sensory roots. The hypotonia and insensitivity of the bladder are due to deafferentation at the S2 and S3 levels; the same is true of the impotence and obstipation. Lightning pains and visceral crises cannot be fully explained but are probably attributable to incomplete posterior root lesions at different levels. Analgesia and joint insensitivity relate to the partial loss of A and C bers in the roots. If there is no pleocytosis, the CSF protein content is normal, and there is no evidence of cardiovascular or other types of syphilis, no further antisyphilitic treatment is necessary. If the CSF is positive, the patient should be treated with penicillin, as described below. Residual symptoms in the form of lightning pains, gastric crises, Charcot joints, or urinary incontinence frequently continue long after all signs of active neurosyphilitic infection have disappeared. These should be treated symptomatically rather than by antisyphilitic drugs. Syphilitic Optic Atrophy This takes the form of progressive blindness beginning in one eye and then involving the other. The usual nding is a constriction of the visual elds, but scotomata may occur in rare cases. The optic discs are gray-white. Other forms of neurosyphilis, particularly tabes dorsalis, not infrequently coexist. The CSF is almost invariably abnormal, though the degree of abnormality may be slight in some cases. The prognosis is poor if vision in both eyes is greatly reduced. If only one eye is badly affected, sight in the other eye can usually be saved. In exceptional cases, visual impairment may progress, even after the CSF becomes negative. The pathologic changes consist of a perioptic meningitis, with subpial gliosis and brosis replacing degenerated optic nerve bers. Exceptionally there are vascular lesions with infarction of central parts of the nerve. Spinal Syphilis There are several types of spinal syphilis other than tabes. Two of them, syphilitic meningomyelitis (sometimes called Erb s spastic paraplegia because of the predominance of bilateral corticospinal tract signs) and spinal meningovascular syphilis, are observed from time to time, though less often than tabes. Spinal meningovascular syphilis may occasionally take the form of an anterior spinal artery syndrome. In meningomyelitis, there occurs a subpial loss of myelinated bers and gliosis as a direct result of the chronic brosing meningitis. Gumma of the spinal meninges and cord seldom is found. It was not present in a single case in Merritt and Adams study of spinal syphilis. Progressive muscular atrophy (syphilitic amyotrophy) is a very rare disease of questionable syphilitic etiology; most cases are degenerative (see Chap. 39). Also rare is syphilitic hypertrophic pachymeningitis or arachnoiditis, which allegedly gives rise to radicular pain, amyotrophy of the hands, and signs of long tract involvement in the legs (syphilitic amyotrophy with spastic-ataxic paraparesis). In all these syndromes there is an abnormal CSF unless, of course, the neurosyphilitic infection is burned out. (See Chap. 44, on spinal cord diseases.) The prognosis in spinal neurosyphilis is uncertain. There is improvement or at least an arrest of the disease process in most instances, though a few patients may progress slightly after treatment is begun. A steady advance of the disease in the face of a negative CSF usually means that there has been a secondary constrictive myelopathy or that the original diagnosis was incorrect and the patient suffers from some other disease, e.g., a spinal form of multiple sclerosis as a degenerative disease.
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