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Using the Cell Phone s GPS Functionality
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World Wide Web Consortium.
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Moving a Folder
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The major downside of a career as a professor is the prolonged apprenticeship that one must endure to be tenured in higher education. That six-year period can be full of angst and anxiety. Administration in higher education is professional service, and the mounds of memoranda I wrote over the years never have been solicited by a publisher. The journal articles, chapters, books, and papers I wrote and continue to write count far more as the coin of the realm in higher education. Amy H. Shapiro is professor of philosophy at Alverno College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where she has been teaching since 1986. She describes what the work is like, what some of the upsides and downsides are, and what she would advise people seeking a position like hers. My rst experience teaching was at a small private school in a western suburb of Chicago. An introduction to moral philosophy gave me a glimpse of the extraordinary power of teaching. The course was for students in the health profession, most of whom were nurses. Moral philosophy came alive in the context of their everyday choices and responsibilities. Their wealth of experience and the profound issues they brought to questions of ethics created a dynamic that made every class session engaging and exciting for both the students and me. That dynamic also gave me a grasp of applied philosophy. As a college professor, I never cease to be amazed at how ironic it is that the least of my professional time is spent teaching. Fortunately I work in a college that is truly devoted to teaching. As a result, I do not have the pressures to publish that many other faculty have. I am expected to play a signi cant role in curriculum design, in development of new faculty, and in ongoing dialogues with my colleagues about learning and assessment strategies; to sit on college committees; and to be actively involved in education-related issues in the community. In a college where the focus is on the student, another important aspect of my job is involvement with student groups and concerns. In addition to my membership in my discipline division and department, I advise two student groups. I attempt to attend as many student programs or sports events as possible throughout the year, and
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Restoring is the act of returning something to its original condition. Since that entire area is a core segment of this book, it s a good idea to answer an often-asked question: How and where can I learn to do body work, upholstering, engine rebuilding (or whatever part of being a restorer interests me) It is not recommended that one learn to weld by trial and error. Welding should be taught by a skilled welder who not only teaches the basics of welding but also safety. Or, if there isn t a convenient technical school near you, places that sell welding supplies often offer seminars and training courses. Body work is very time-intensive, and saving time is important. Paint and body shop supply expos are helpful in providing information on time-saving new products and materials. Exhibitors offer free samples, technical help, and hands-on experimenting. Paint and body materials are constantly evolving, so you ll have to stay current or you ll be wasting valuable shop time. Penny Bates, proprietor of Olde World Restorations in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania, is unusual in several respects. First, she is a successful woman entrepreneur in a male-dominated
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6. Standing dumbbell curls: These next two
Minimum. This setting has the smallest impact on total system performance and interferes least with other services running on the server, but selecting this value means that indexes take a long time to build and update. The result can be that indexes may never be fully up to date in busy messaging environments and users search queries may not generate all the results expected. Low. This is the default setting and has a minimal impact on system resources but generally builds and updates indexes at a satisfactory speed. High. This has greater impact on system resources and can have some effect on other services running on the machine. If there is sufficient CPU power and RAM, then it should be acceptable in all but the busiest messaging environments. Maximum. This causes indexing to have a higher priority than other services and can cause poor performance if there are insufficient system resources. However, indexes are built and updated the fastest using this setting and therefore are always up to date on the server.
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1. In AppleScript Editor, press z-N or choose File | New to create a new script. 2. Start a tell block to Mail, addressing it by its application id:
The Planets
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