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Returns a new string resulting from replacing all occurrences of oldSubString in this string with newSubString. Two strings are defined to match when they are identical. Characters with multiple possible representations match only if they have the same representation in both strings. No case folding is performed. Parameters
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These questions are designed to further your knowledge of AutoCAD by encouraging you to explore the concepts presented in this chapter. Answer each question on a separate sheet of paper. 1. As you have seen, AutoCAD s grips feature is both easy and convenient to use. With that in mind, discuss possible reasons AutoCAD also includes speci c commands that you must enter to perform some of the same functions you can do easily with grips. 2. Describe a situation in which the Remove option can be useful for more than just removing an object that was added to a selection set by mistake.
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At the rate of one password change per month, this setting remembers two years worth of passwords. Maximum 42 days This is approximately a password age month and a half. Minimum 2 days This stops users from password age changing their passwords too often. Minimum 8 characters This is the threshold password where password crackers length start taking longer to break passwords. Password must Enabled This ensures that meet passwords must contain complexity both alphabetic and requirements numeric characters, both uppercase and lowercase, as well as special symbols. Store Disabled Enabling this setting is the same as storing passwords using reversible plaintext passwords. This encryption setting should never be enabled. Account Policy | Account Lockout Policy Account lockout 60 minutes This setting determines duration how long an account is locked after several bad logon attempts. Account lockout 3 invalid logon After three bad logon tries, threshold attempts the account is locked out. Reset account 60 minutes This must be equal to or lockout counter greater than the account after lockout duration. Account Policies | Kerberos Policy Enforce user Enabled (default) This ensures that users logon have the right to access restrictions either local or network resources before being granted a Kerberos ticket.
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In the process_data function in this example, we just fetch the name the user entered and display it:
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Now we need to write our PHP script, dataresponder.php, to read the argument named data, and respond by sending the right text back to the browser, The server got a value of 1 or The server got a value of 2.
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Connecting to the Database Machine
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To start the process of editing the chart in the WAD, either create a new Web item of the type Chart or select an existing Web item of the type Chart. Then, on the Web Item Parameters tab of the Properties screen area, under Internal Display, click the button for the Edit Chart property to access the Edit Chart dialog box (or Chart Designer), shown in the following illustration.
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Values are the way people actually do things. Your agreed-upon values determine the behaviors within your culture. Like mission and vision, your values are non-negotiable. They get to issues of professionalism, in the literal sense of professing things. In his first meeting with the Packer players, for example, Lombardi told them, You may not be a football player. You may not be a tackle. You may not be a guard. You may not be a back. But you will be a professional. Values come in two forms: espoused and practiced. The leader s challenge is to bring the two into alignment. Failure to do so leads to organizational cynicism we say it, but we sure don t do it! and eventually undercuts the leader s moral authority and credibility.
Symbol I V X L C D M K 0 ... = + {} / = () First use 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 4 Meaning Roman numeral for 1 Roman numeral for 5 Roman numeral for 10 Roman numeral for 50 Roman numeral for 100 Roman numeral for 500 Roman numeral for 1,000 Alternative Roman numeral for 1,000 Lemniscate symbol for in nity Lowercase Greek omega symbol for in nity Uppercase Hebrew aleph symbol for in nity Aleph-null, the number of whole numbers Ellipsis, indicating repetition of a sequence or pattern Conventional symbol for numerical equality Conventional symbol for addition Set symbol meaning is an element of Set symbol meaning is not an element of Braces for enclosing list of set elements Symbol for the null (empty) set Conventional symbol for division, fraction, or ratio Set symbol meaning is a subset of Set symbol meaning is a proper subset of Set symbol meaning is congruent to Alternative set symbol meaning is congruent to Set symbol meaning intersect Set symbol meaning union Conventional symbol for multiplication Conventional symbol for negative numerical value Parentheses for grouping of quantities
To rename a folder, use the set command to change the name property of the folder. The following tell block changes the name of the folder named Current, which is located on the Desktop, to Old:
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