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When we are looking for elevated implied volatility (IV), we are looking for IV that is above the mean volatility for the recent period. Ideally we are looking for candidates that have an underlying that is likely to decelerate in volatility or at least not increase signi cantly based on news for the individual underlying asset. We are looking for high implied volatility that has a respectable chance of staying within a certain trading range for a certain period of time or will begin to decrease over the term of the option. Herein lies the problem with selling options. Conventional market speculation and analysis have generated an elevated demand for the options in question for a particular reason; this is what has caused the high implied volatility. Therefore, as the option seller you are the contrarian; you must go against the conventional analysis in order to sell a naked high volatility option. If a call option has generated high implied volatility, you must determine why it has high volatility. Are the call options in demand because the market is expected to go higher, or is there demand on the option because of hedge traders buying protection on their
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Log on to the machine as an Enterprise administrator Install the Windows 2000 Server/Advanced Server administration tools Upgrade to Windows 2000 Service Pack 1 (SP1) Install the Exchange administration tools
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Education offered in the private sector is different from that offered in formal and more traditional institutions of education. It has not been formalized in content or ritual. It taps many disciplines and responds continuously to changing demands and new developments. It may be for orientation, safety and health, basic skills, workplace-related matters, job skills, or apprenticeship. The delivery system is shifting, but not as rapidly as anticipated. From 1994 to 1995, classroom- and lecture-based delivery declined from 78 to 69 percent. In 1998, organizations projected that by 2000, more than 20 percent of training would be delivered by technology or E-learning. However, the average amount of E-learning reached only 8.8 percent in 2000. Meanwhile, instructor-led training in the classroom increased from 77.6 percent in 1997 to 79.4 percent in 2000. Predictions for greater use of technology, particularly E-learning, still are high. However, materials and approaches, the needed know-how to produce programs, and the skills in using technology have not developed rapidly. As a consequence, the projection of more than 20 percent may not be realized soon. The context of education in business and industry also makes it different from education in traditional institutions. The product or the service has been identi ed. The motive is pro t. The purpose is clear, although ever changing. But a growing phenomenon is executives and managers awareness that their employees are people, not robots. This emerging recognition is not rooted in idealism; it is primarily practical. Employers and administrators are learning fast that employees are a resource, if motivated properly, involved adequately, and rewarded appropriately. They are central to the quality and the quantity of an organization s product or service. Life on the job is more pleasant for employees who feel a part of the larger enterprise. When they are involved in planning, they begin to care more about their accomplishments. Workers who interact harmoniously with peers come to like their work, are less fearful of change, and cooperate more effectively. Proponents of this philosophy, such as Thomas J. Peters and Robert H. Waterman, Jr. (authors of In Search of Excellence and other books on the subject), have made a reputation (and a fortune) researching and disseminating it. The context is different, too, in areas in uenced by technological development. Almost every year, jobs can call for different knowledge and skill. Innovation may require accommodation and new skills. Sometimes, complete retraining is necessary because an existing process or technology has
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hardware and software solution. That makes it a unique offering compared to other Oracle database deployment options on other hardware platforms. In a sense, what Oracle has created is a unique platform by assembling standard server, storage, interconnect, and database components. By building a system of standard components, Oracle should be able to take advantage of future breakthroughs in these components and continue to deliver the highest-performing complete and manageable platforms at competitive prices. In the end, you will be the true evaluator of that as you build and update your Oracle Exadata Database Machine footprint.
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