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e ect of satellite-to-user geometry on position estimation accuracy is illustrated in Figure 8.10 using two dimensions. This gure shows two possible user-satellite con gurations. In each con guration, a receiver measures the range to two satellites at the indicated positions. Due to measurement errors, the range measurement is not known exactly, but the receiver position is expected to lie between the two indicated concentric circles. In the left half of the gure the receiver vectors h1 and h2 are nearly collinear; the intersection of the two concentric circles for the two satellites results in a long thin region of possible positions with the largest uncertainty direction orthogonal to the satellite vectors. In this case, the DOP factor would be large. In the right half of the gure the vectors h1 and h2 are nearly orthogonal; the intersection of the concentric circles for each satellite results in a much more equally proportioned uncertainty region. The measurement matrix H is not constant in time because of the GPS satellite positions change as they orbit Earth. Large DOP values result when the rows of H are nearly linearly dependent. This could be measured by the condition of the matrix H H, but this approach is not often used or necessary. There may be times when for a given set of four satellites the H matrix approaches singularity and GDOP approaches in nity. This condition is called a GDOP chimney, see Figure 8.11. This was a di culty in the early days of GPS, when satellites had fewer tracking channels or a limited number of satellites were in view. Fortunately, there are usually more than four satellites in view and modern receivers track more than the minimum number of satellites; hence, either all or an optimal set of the tracked satellites can be selected to minimize a desired DOP URE ampli cation factor.
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normotensive individuals, and the hemorrhages more often than previously arise in locations that are not typical for hypertension. Nevertheless, the hypertensive cerebral hemorrhage serves as a paradigm for understanding and managing the cerebral hemorrhage. In order of frequency, the most common sites of a cerebral hemorrhage are (1) the putamen and adjacent internal capsule (50 percent); (2) the central white matter of the temporal, parietal, or frontal lobes (lobar hemorrhages, not strictly associated with hypertension); (3) the thalamus; (4) a cerebellar hemisphere; and (5) the pons (see Weisberg et al). The vessel involved is usually a penetrating artery that originates from a larger trunk vessel. About 2 percent of primary hemorrhages are multiple. Rarely the bleeding is solely intraventricular, possibly from the choroid plexus. The problem is one of bleeding that occurs within brain tissue; rupture of arteries lying in the subarachnoid space is practically unknown apart from aneurysms and some vascular malformations. The extravasation of blood forms a roughly circular or oval mass that disrupts the tissue and grows in volume as the bleeding continues (Fig. 34-20). Adjacent brain tissue is distorted and compressed. If the hemorrhage is large, midline structures are displaced to the opposite side and reticular activating and respiratory centers can be compromised, leading to coma and death in the manner described in Chap. 17. Both the size and the location of the clot determine the degree of upper brainstem compression (Andrew et al). Rupture or seepage into the ventricular system may occur, and the CSF becomes bloody in these cases. However, a hemorrhage of this type almost never ruptures through the cerebral cortex. When the hemorrhage is small and located at a distance from the ventricles, the CSF may remain clear even on repeated examina-
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A severe, rapidly advancing, more or less symmetrical and mainly motor polyneuropathy often with abdominal pain, psychosis (delirium or confusion), and convulsions may be a manifestation of acute intermittent porphyria. This type of porphyria is inherited as an autosomal dominant trait and is not associated with cutaneous sensitivity to sunlight. The metabolic defect is in the liver and is marked by increased production and urinary excretion of porphobilinogen and of the porphyrin precursor -amino-levulinic acid. The peripheral and central nervous systems may also be affected in another hepatic type of porphyria (the variegate type). In the latter, the skin is markedly sensitive to light and trauma, and porphyrins are at all times found in the stools. Both of these hepatic forms of porphyria are to be distinguished from the rarer erythropoietic (congenital photosensitive) porphyria, in which the nervous system is not affected. The classic study of acute intermittent porphyria was made by Waldenstrom in 1937. The initial and often the most prominent symptom is moderate to severe colicky abdominal pain. It may be generalized or localized and is unattended by rigidity of the abdominal wall or tenderness. Constipation is frequent and radiographs show intestinal distention (ileus). Attacks last for days to weeks and repeated vomiting may lead to inanition. In latent forms, the patient may be asymptomatic or complain only of slight dyspepsia. The disease can be identi ed after some time by its characteristic recurrent attacks, often precipitated by drugs such as sulfonamides, griseofulvin, estrogens, barbiturates, phenytoin, and the succinimide anticonvulsants. The possibility of sensitivity to these drugs must always be kept in mind when convulsions are being treated in the porphyric patient. The rst attack rarely occurs before puberty, and the disease is most likely to threaten life during adolescence and early adulthood. In contrast, acute polyneuropathy that appears for the rst time in mid- or late adult life is not likely to be porphyric. The neurologic manifestations are usually those of an acute polyneuropathy involving the motor nerves more severely than the
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Some of us will do our jobs well and some of will not, but we will all be judged on one thing: the result.
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V. Preparing and Printing a Drawing
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Appendix 1: Glossary of Green Words and Terms Appendix 2: Time Saving Tips and Tables for Builders Index
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PART 5 Test
As discussed relative to Figure 2.1, reference frames may be free to rotate arbitrarily with respect to one another. Consider for example the body frame moving with respect to the ECEF frame. The following subsections are concerned with frames-of-reference rotating with respect to one another.
The ego destroys the humility in a person. Ego is what we think we are. The ego is the clamorous childness, the petulant childness, the spoiled childness.
familiar with the world of shortwave broadcasting, you ll be deciding on your own favorite band. You will hear a variety of other interesting sounds, but just remember that this receiver is designed for AM only. If a Morse code signal really sounds good, it is because it is being transmitted in AM tone-modulated form, or perhaps the signal is so close to an AM broadcast carrier that the carrier acts as a beatfrequency-oscillator (BFO). Even though this receiver will permit you to tune through several different ham radio bands, the signals are not likely to be intelligible. Reception of CW and SSB signals on an AM receiver requires a BFO. This is not a complicated feature, but it is not a feature of this receiver. Our companion receivers designed for the ham bands will let you tune into these SSB and CW broadcasts.
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Causes of Acute Aseptic Meningitis
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