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containing given characteristics and move them all at once. Be sure to use Procedure DC-16 to verify GPO links after any OU restructuring activity. The MoveTree command is the command-line equivalent of the Active Directory Users and Computers console. It provides more functionality because it will move objects between domains in the same forest something the console cannot do. You can also use the RenDom command to rename domains (found under the Valueadd\Msft\Mgmt\ Domren folder of the Windows Server CD). This command is useful for supporting forest restructuring during corporate merges or acquisitions, or during reorganizations. You can even use this tool to rename an entire forest, one domain at a time. The Active Directory Migration Tool supports massive object moves either within forests or between forests, even NT domains (found under the i386\ADMT folder of the Windows Server CD). This powerful tool gives you greater flexibility during large reorganizations.
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Table 3-1. The first 24 prime numbers. The number 1 is not considered prime. Any natural number, no matter how large, can be factored into a product of primes.
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function count(str) { var result = 0; // Initialized once while(str != "") { var ind = 0; // Initialized every time // modify string }; return result }; function example(param) { var a = 0; if (param > a) { var b = a+1; // Variables a and b can be used } else { var c = a+2; // Variables a, b, and c can be used }; return a: // Variables a, b, and c are accessible };
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Types of Abnormal Recordings
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Valsalva maneuver (BP response with indwelling arterial catheter or continuous noninvasive BP measurement) Barore ex sensitivity
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Start As Wizard (START_WIZARD)
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assigns to it the value of the remainder from dividing mySeconds by the hours constant (mySeconds mod hours) and then converting the result to minutes (mySeconds mod hours div minutes). The new statement appears in boldface here:
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Figure 11-10 Shortcut key options displayed in the Properties window
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of the initially small pupils when light is withdrawn (Smith and Smith). Stimulation or irritation of the sympathetic bers has the opposite effect, i.e., lid retraction, dilatation of the pupil, and apparent proptosis. Use is made of this phenomenon in the testing of the ciliospinal pupillary re ex, which is evoked by pinching the neck (afferent, C2, C3) and is effected through the efferent sympathetic bers. Extreme constriction of the pupils (miosis) is commonly observed with pontine lesions, presumably because of bilateral interruption of the pupillodilator bers. Narcotic ingestion is the most common cause. Interruption of the parasympathetic bers causes an abnormal dilatation of the pupils (mydriasis), often with loss of pupillary light re exes; this is frequently the result of midbrain lesions and is a common nding in cases of deep coma (the blown or Hutchinson pupil, described in Chap. 17) and with direct compression of the oculomotor nerve, as by cerebral aneurysm, tumor, or temporal lobe herniation. Other signs of oculomotor palsy are usually conjoined. As an ancillary test to determine the cause of changes in the size of the pupils, the functional integrity of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve endings in the iris may also be determined by the use of certain drugs. These are detailed in the next section. Atropinics dilate the pupils by paralyzing the parasympathetic nerve endings; physostigmine and pilocarpine constrict the pupils, the former by inhibiting cholinesterase activity at the neuromuscular junction and the latter by direct stimulation of the sphincter muscle of the iris. Epinephrine and phenylephrine dilate the pupils by direct stimulation of the dilator muscle. Cocaine dilates the pupils by preventing the reabsorption of norepinephrine into the nerve endings. Morphine and other narcotics act centrally to constrict the pupils. In diabetes mellitus, where autonomic spinal and cranial nerves are often involved, the pupils are affected in the majority of cases. They are smaller than would be expected for age due to involvement of pupillodilator sympathetic bers, and mydriasis is excessive upon instillation of sympathomimetic drugs. The light re ex, mediated by parasympathetic bers (which are also damaged), is reduced, usually to a greater degree than constriction on accommodation (Smith and Smith). Some of these abnormalities require special methods of pupillometry for their demonstration. Argyll-Robertson Pupil In the forms of late syphilis, particularly tabes dorsalis, the pupils are usually small, irregular, and unequal; they fail to react to light, although they do constrict on accommodation (light-near dissociation) and do not dilate properly in response to mydriatic drugs. Atrophy of the iris is associated in some cases. This is known as the Argyll Robertson pupil. The exact locality of the lesion is not certain; it is generally believed to be in the tectum of the midbrain proximal to the oculomotor nuclei where the descending pupillodilator bers are in close proximity to the light re ex bers (Fig. 14-7). The possibility of a partial third nerve lesion extending to the ciliary ganglion seems more plausible to us. A similar pupillary abnormality has been observed in the meningoradiculitis of Lyme disease and in diabetes. A dissociation of the light re ex from the accommodation-convergence reaction is also sometimes observed with a variety of midbrain lesions e.g., pinealoma, multiple sclerosis; in these diseases, miosis, irregularity of pupils, and failure to respond to a mydriatic are usually not present. S. A. K. Wilson referred to this condition as the Argyll
The libXmlRequest framework centers on two Ajax functions getXml and postXml. Note that this library is XML based, and contains a number of functions that let you handle XML. Here s an overview of the Ajax functions in the libXmlRequest library:
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Stochastic Processes
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Dementia Due to Degenerative Diseases
Read between the Lines
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