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Figure 19-3. The Bussard ramjet gets its fuel by scooping up
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Diabetes mellitus is the cause of the most common polyneuropathy in general clinical practice for which reason it is accorded a separate section. Several limited forms of peripheral nerve disease are also the direct result of diabetes and for convenience of exposition they are included here; some of these are acute and focal and enter into the differential diagnosis of mononeuritis multiplex considered in the next section. In recent years attention has been directed to a possible association between a nondescript sensory polyneuropathy and impaired glucose tolerance, even without manifest diabetes,
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which by eqn. (8.143) has the measurement model i,j f2 i i I + c tro + ro ) f1 ro f2 j j (R(pr , pj ) + Iro + c tro + ro ) f1 f2 ij ij = (R(pr , pi ) R(pr , pj ) + Iro + ro . f1 = (R(pr , pi ) +
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Thirteen: Aircraft Band Receivers
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Lower right leg assembly made up of parts R and T.
Let s say that you are building a name for yourself as a builder of log homes. On a percentage basis, the demand for log homes is not too great. But there are plenty of people who will buy log homes. It s just that their numbers are minuscule when compared to the general home-buying public. With this being the case, you would be paying a tremendous amount of money for advertising on a per-lead basis if you advertised in general media. Your ad bill will be based on the total circulation of a newspaper, not on the number of readers who might be interested in a new log home. Is there a better way Yes, there is. Direct mail is an awesome way of reaching a target market. By renting name lists, you can mail promotional pieces to people who fit the criteria you are looking for in a buyer. What, for example, would be points of interest in your selection of a name list for log-home buyers Income would certainly be one qualifier. If the house you are building is small or large, the number of members in a family might be imporPRO tant in culling your name list. A family POINTER of five would not be likely to buy your Direct mail is an awesome way of two-bedroom cabin. Have the prospects reaching a target market. By renting shown any past interest in log homes If name lists, you can mail promotional they subscribe to magazines about log pieces to people who fit the criteria homes, and a mailing-list company can you are looking for in a buyer. probably tell you if they do, your potential customers are a prime target. When you rent names from reputable list brokers, you can require that all sorts of criteria be met by the names placed on your list. Each set of criteria adds to the cost of a list, but the breakdowns are well worth their cost. The list of names that I m preparing to order soon is going to cost me 6 cents per name. My list will arrive on pressure-sensitive labels, and it is sorted by location, income, and the fact that everyone on it lives in rental property. Prices for these lists can offer quite a bargain. The list I m ordering will be used to solicit first-time homebuyers. That s why I wanted to make sure that everyone on the list lived in rental property. The people will not be encumbered by a home to sell, so I should be able to make some quick deals. Direct mail is not the only way to hit your target. Most towns and cities have publications that are aimed at particular markets. There is a military base located near where I work. The base is a good source of incoming housing prospects. By advertising in the small paper that serves the base, I can target my ads to buyers who have an ability to use VA loans.
Table 6-2 Causes of generalized and regional myoclonus Epileptic forms (myoclonic epilepsies) Unverricht-Lundborg disease Lafora body disease Baltic myoclonus Benign epilepsy with rolandic spikes Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy Infantile spasms (West syndrome) Cherry-red spot myoclonus (sialidase de ciency) Myoclonus epilepsy with ragged red bers (MERRF) Ceroid lipofuscinosis (Kufs disease) Tay-Sachs disease Essential and heredofamilial forms Myoclonic dementias Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis Familial progressive poliodystrophy Alzheimer, Lewy-body, and Wilson diseases (occasional in late stages) Whipple disease of the central nervous system Corticobasal ganglionic degeneration Dentatorubropallidoluysian atrophy AIDS dementia Myoclonus with cerebellar disease (myoclonic ataxia) Opsoclonus-myoclonus syndrome [Paraneoplastic (anti-Ri), neuroblastoma, post- and parainfectious] Postanoxic myoclonus (Lance Adams) Ramsay-Hunt dyssynergia cerebellaris myoclonica Metabolic and toxic disorders Cerebral hypoxia (acute variety) Uremia Hashimoto thyroiditis Lithium intoxication Haloperidol and sometimes phenothiazine intoxication Hepatic encephalopathy (rare) Cyclosporine toxicity Nicotinic acid de ciency encephalopathy Tetanus Other drug toxicities Focal and spinal forms of myoclonus Herpes zoster myelitis Other unspeci ed viral myelitis Multiple sclerosis Traumatic spinal cord injury Arteriovenous malformation of spinal cord Subacute myoclonic spinal neuronitis
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