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The aiding measurements y are available at 1.0 Hz. Perform a covariance analysis using x = 0.01 and y = 1.00. 1. For n = 0 (i.e., the design model is correct), note the approximate time at which steady-state performance is achieved and the steadystate prior and posterior state estimation error standard deviation. 2. Repeat the simulation for values of n [0, 0.1]. Let the simulation run for approximately 1000 s. Is a steady-state performance achieved
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Glossary of Terms
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Membership in address lists can sometimes get out of sync in a large organization. This typically happens when many changes have been made to the list from different locations. If necessary, you can rebuild address list membership across a domain or the entire enterprise by right-clicking on the appropriate instance of the Recipient Update Service and selecting Rebuild. You should do this during off-peak hours because the rebuild process is time and resource intensive.
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After installing the Android plugin for Eclipse, Eclipse should have prompted you to restart the application. If it did not prompt you, restart Eclipse now. Restarting Eclipse will ensure that the program has a chance to reinitialize with the plugin installed. It is
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where i turns on the import mode, -f indicates the source file for the import (filename.csv) this source file must be in comma-separated value (CSV) format, -v puts the command in verbose mode, and k tells it to ignore errors and continue to the end. You can review the outputfilename.txt file for the results of the operation.
Figure 5.2: Discrete-time state estimator.
Therefore,the constantin eachcubic must be equal to the value of the dependent variable at the beginning ofthe interval. This resultcan be incorporated Eq. (16.10): into
Practice Exercises
1. B. Only the computer attached to the faulty cable will be unable to access the network. In a star network, each computer has its own cable, which is attached to the hub. One computer s cable will not affect the performance of other computers. A, the entire network will fail, is incorrect. The only single point of total network failure on a star network is the hub. That is, if the hub stops functioning, no computer will be able to access the network. C and D are incorrect because they suggest that only computers booted before or after the computer with the bad cable will be affected. First, only the computer attached to the bad cable will be affected. Furthermore, in networks in which one computer s failure results in the failure of other systems, the order in which the computers booted is irrelevant. D. The hub is a point of failure that will affect an entire star network. All computers in a star network are attached to the hub. If the hub stops functioning, the computers will have no method of communication. Therefore, if the hub fails, the entire network will fail. A, a single computer, and B, a single cable, are incorrect. In a star network, each computer has its own cable and is connected to the hub independently of the other computers. The failure of a single computer or cable does not affect other machines on a star network. C, the backbone, is incorrect because star networks do not have backbones. Backbones are implemented in bus networks. A. A bus network uses terminators and T-connectors. Bus networks consist of a coaxial cable backbone, which must be terminated with a 50-ohm terminator at each end, to prevent signal bouncing. Each computer in a bus network is attached to the backbone via a T-connector or, in some cases, a vampire tap. B, star, is incorrect because it does not use terminators or T-connectors. Instead, each computer is attached to a hub. C, ring, is also incorrect. In a ring network, each computer is attached to the next in a circular daisy-chain fashion. D, FDDI, is incorrect because this is a network standard that uses token passing on a fiber-optic double-ring topology. A. The entire network will fail. In a ring network, each computer is connected to the next. All network traffic must go through each computer and be retransmitted until it reaches its destination. If one computer cannot access the network, is turned off, or will not boot properly, the network will not function. B is incorrect because it states that only the failed computer will be unable to access the network. Although this is true in a star or bus network, the structure of a ring network is such that a single point of failure anywhere in the network will result in a total network failure. C and D are incorrect because they suggest that only certain computers, located before or after
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