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As we mentioned the image insert is found on the context menu from a right-click anywhere in the Web template work area. The different options can help with the overall look and feel of the Web items and as we discussed before, the look and feel of the reports is all important to the business user. Web items and HTML elements (for example, tables, texts, and images) that you insert into a Web template, as well as the Web template itself, all have a context menu. Each context menu has context-sensitive menu entries that you can use to call various WAD functions. You can, for example, use the context menu to save a Web item (for which you have specified properties by using the parameters) as a reusable Web item, call the Properties dialog box for this Web item, copy the Web item and paste it into another Web template, or delete the Web item from the Web template. The options available on the standard context menu, found in most sections of the Web template and shown in Figure 4-1, are listed in Table 4-2. Insert | Any Tag warrants further comment. This option offers some very useful tags that you can insert into your report. There are over 40 different tags that you can insert, from a simple button to additional components such as an applet. There is some documentation available on each of the tags but I would look to find detailed information about each of the options and what they do from a more Web-based documentation site such as a professional Web design site. For example, the ability to use some applets is still available in the BI 7.0 version, but you need to be careful with the coding required to make them work with XHTML versus HTML. There can be differences in the different object tags being used between the two languages. Other options that are available from the context menu of the Web item you have previously inserted into your Web template. We will discuss and review the Edit option
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SQL> CREATE DISKGROUP data NORMAL REDUNDANCY DISK 'o/*/DATA*' ATTRIBUTE 'AU_SIZE' = '4M', 'cell.smart_scan_capable'='TRUE', 'compatible.rdbms'='', 'compatible.asm'=''; SQL> CREATE DISKGROUP recov NORMAL REDUNDANCY DISK 'o/*/RECOV*' ATTRIBUTE 'AU_SIZE' = '4M', 'cell.smart_scan_capable'='TRUE', 'compatible.rdbms'='', 'compatible.asm'='';
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Oracle Database Vault
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As a simpli ed notation, this book will typically use the notation w to indicate the expected value of the random variable w. In cases where the meaning is clear or where double subscripting would otherwise occur, the subscript indicating the random variable may be dropped. The variance of a scalar valued random variable w is de ned by var(w) = E (w w )2 =
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This section covers the final file needed to implement your RadioGroup Activity. Create a new .java file in your project named This file is the main file of the Activity and contains the actionable code. Use the following code in your to finish this Activity.
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GS-28: Troubleshooting Priority Management
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The McGraw Hill Companies, 2010
dbvowner@aos> -- create a link for the Client IP address dbvowner@aos> BEGIN dbms_macadm.add_factor_link( parent_factor_name =>'Connection_Type', child_factor_name =>'Client_IP', label_indicator => 'N'); END; / dbvowner@aos> -- create a link for the Authentication Method dbvowner@aos> BEGIN dbms_macadm.add_factor_link( parent_factor_name =>'Connection_Type', child_factor_name =>'Authentication_Method', label_indicator => 'N'); END; / dbvowner@aos> -- create a link for the Session User dbvowner@aos> BEGIN dbms_macadm.add_factor_link( parent_factor_name =>'Connection_Type', child_factor_name =>'Session_User', label_indicator => 'N'); END; / PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
Arachnoiditis adhesive, 180, 181f, 593, 1078 1079 in meningitis, bacterial, 595t opticochiasmatic, 543 regional, 543 Arboviruses, encephalitis due to, 637 638 Archicerebellum, 71 Are exia, 41 following spinal injury, 1051 1052 Are exic dystasia, hereditary, 1157 Arginase de ciency, in neonates, 802 803 Arginine vasopressin (desmopressin; DDAVP), for diabetes insipidus, 484 Arginosuccinase de ciency, in neonates, 802 803 Arginosuccinic acid synthetase de ciency, in neonates, 802 803 Arginosuccinic aciduria, in neonates, 803 Argyll-Robertson pupils, 242 243 in neurosyphilis, 616, 617 Argyrophilic grain disease, 909 Aripiprazole (Abilify), for schizophrenia, 1328t Armadillo syndrome, 1278 Arnold-Chiari malformation, 861 862, 862f Arsenic intoxication, 1036, 1130, 1132 Arterial infarction (see also Stroke), in meningitis, bacterial, 595t Arteriosclerosis, cerebral, 738 Arteriovenous malformations (AVMs), 722 725 cavernous, 726, 726f clinical features of, 723, 724f dural, 725f, 725 726 spinal, 1070 1071, 1071f treatment of, 723 725 Arteritis giant-cell (cranial; temporal), 149t, 159, 215, 235, 730, 731 Heubner, 616 mononeuritis multiplex and, 1137 1139 rheumatic, 735 Artery of Adamkiewicz, 1068 Artery-to-artery embolism, 667, 669, 688 Arthritis. See also Osteoarthritis; Rheumatoid arthritis Marie-Strumpell (von Bechterew), 180 181, 1076 1077 Arthrogryposis, 505, 1194, 1244t, 1244 1245 Arylsulfatase de ciency. See Metachromatic leukodystrophy (MLD)
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1. Pick Finish. The table attaches to the crosshairs so that you can place it in the drawing. 2. Pick a point below the workshop in response to Specify insertion point. As you can see, our bill of materials is much too small for the drawing. 3. Type SCALE, select the table, and use a scale factor of 20. 4. Move the table so it is centered below the walls of the workshop. 5. Save your work and exit AutoCAD.
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