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Exadata Storage Server Software takes these advantages even further. First of all, Exadata Smart Scan operations can be performed on encrypted data, allowing the benefits from these features to be used with encrypted data. Second, the actual decryption of data can be performed on the CPUs in the Storage Server, eliminating virtually all the overhead required for this process from the workload of the database server. Third, encryption works well with compression, which reduces the size of the data and correspondingly reduces the overhead of encrypting data. Finally, as mentioned in the previous chapter, the Exadata Storage Server and X2-2 database nodes can offload decryption operations to hardware-based instructions in the Westmere chip. The interaction between Exadata Storage Server Software and Transparent Data Encryption is a great illustration of the power of the complete Oracle solution. A useful feature is not only supported by the advances of the Oracle Exadata Database Machine, but extended to allow the use of the feature with even better performance.
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Fig. 18.2 Fish gills: Extracting oxygen from the water.
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Description Collector used role for sending audit data to the Audit Vault during runtime. Role used at runtime to grant access to configuration information, created at agent registration.
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Description Green light-emitting diode
As you saw in the foreach example in the C# code listing (ForEach.aspx.cs) and in Figure 3-5, tools are available for looping through the array elements both for adding and retrieving data.
When you re referring to an object in AppleScript like this, include its class for example, folder or document file. If you don t know the class, use the generic class name item instead.
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