the fast component is a corrective movement. The production of nystagmus by labyrinthine stimulation and other features of vestibular nystagmus are discussed further in Chap. 15. Other Types of Nystagmus Convergence nystagmus refers to a rhythmic oscillation in which a slow abduction of the eyes in respect to each other is followed by a quick movement of adduction. It is usually accompanied by quick rhythmic retraction movements of the eyes (nystagmus retractorius) and by one or more features of the Parinaud dorsal midbrain syndrome. There may also be rhythmic movements of the eyelids or a maintained spasm of convergence, best brought out on attempted elevation of the eyes to command or downward rotation of an OKN drum. These unusual phenomena all point to a lesion of the upper midbrain tegmentum and are usually manifestations of vascular disease, traumatic disease, or tumor, notably pinealoma that compresses this region. Seesaw nystagmus is a torsional-vertical oscillation in which the intorting eye moves up and the opposite (extorting) eye moves down, then both move in the reverse direction. It is occasionally observed in conjunction with chiasmatic bitemporal hemianopia due to sellar or parasellar masses. Spasmus mutans has some similarities, as mentioned above. Periodic alternating nystagmus is a remarkable horizontal jerking that periodically (every 90 seconds or so) changes direction, interposed with a brief neutral period during which the eyes show no nystagmus or jerk downward. Alternating nystagmus is seen with lesions in the lower brainstem but has also been reported with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, hepatic encephalopathy, lesions of the cerebellar nodulus, carcinomatous meningitis, and a large number of other processes. A congenital form is associated with albinism. It differs from ping-pong gaze, which is a saccadic variant with a more rapid alternating of gaze from side to side and usually the result of bilateral cerebral strokes. So-called palatal nystagmus, which is really a tremor, is due to a lesion of the central tegmental tract and may be accompanied by a convergence-retraction nystagmus that has the same beat as the palatal and pharyngeal muscles, as discussed on page 85.
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We have developed the basis for a template le. Technically, we have not yet created the template, because we have not stored the contents of our work in a template (DWT) le. We will do this later when we continue its development. The next steps in creating a template le deal with establishing layers. You will create layers in the next chapter and complete the nal steps for creating a template le in a subsequent chapter. 4. Save your work and exit AutoCAD. 5. Produce a backup copy of the le named tmp1.dwg. Backup copies are important because if you accidentally lose the original (and you may, sooner or later), you will have a backup. You can produce a backup copy in seconds, and it can save you hours of lost work. If you don t remember how to make a backup copy, see 9 for details on producing copies of les.
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Further Research and Readings | 115
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CREATE TABLE CustomerAddress ( CustomerNumber CHAR (30) NOT NULL, CustomerStreet CHAR (30) , CustomerCity CHAR (30), Customerstate CHAR(2), CustomerZip CHAR (10), CustomerCtry CHAR(5) DEFAULT \USA1)
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Three Binomial Factors
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Diagnosis of Neonatal Metabolic Diseases
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36. Attributes
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Aerial View is a fast and easy-to-use navigational tool for zooming and
track The track object represents one of the files in your iTunes library for example, a song or a TV show. playlist The playlist object represents a list of songs.
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