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The pop account object also has the properties shown in Table 13-3. The imap account object also has the properties shown in Table 13-4. The mac account object is an IMAP account, so it also has these properties. (Technically, the mac account object inherits these properties from the imap account object.) The smtp server object has only these properties: name, password, account type, authentication, enabled, user name, port, server name, and uses ssl. The following sections provide examples of working with accounts in Mail via AppleScript.
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1. D-penicillamine 2. Procainamide 3. Cimetidine Ciguatera toxin 1. Toxic oil syndrome Vasculitis, connective tissue in ltration Eosinophilia
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The instructions for modifying a standard servo are as follows: 1. Place the servo on a table and remove the servo horn and screw, as shown in Figure 4.6, if there is one attached.
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A acetal, 284 acetoacetate, 223 acetoacetyl-CoA and ketone bodies, 223 224 acetyl group structure, 284 acetyl-CoA, 156 no connection to glucose, 200 TCA-cycle and, 154 tracking carbon atoms in, 238 240 transport from mitochondria, 158 acid definition, 242 dissociation constant, 244 dissociation constants-table, 243 weak, 244 acid-base behavior, 241 260 catalysis, 94 equation, 249 imbalance, 258 260 imbalance table, 260 stoichiometry, 245 246 titration, 245 acidic groups on proteins, 254 acidosis, 258 aconitase, 239 geometry of, 240 recognition of citrate, 240 actinomycin D, 38 activation energy, 82, 276 active site, 81, 97 active site residues, 81 active transport pumps, 29 acyl group structure, 284 adenylate cyclase, 196 adipose tissue metabolic role of, 212 213 response to metabolic signals, 212 213 agarose, 65
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Project 37 Rigged Lie Detector
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Now that you have inserted your JavaScript into the MIME Repository, you can use it in the Script Web item. In the WAD, drag the Script Web item from the Miscellaneous Web item grouping to your Web template and choose the Web Item Parameters tab page in the Properties screen area. Then from the Properties tab choose the icon to the right of the Script field; this will open up the editing dialog box for the parameter Script. You can insert your JavaScript in this dialog box. The command wizard helps you to generate the JavaScript code for executing the command. In addition to the direct use of commands using the command wizard, some Web items also provide the option of using JavaScript functions. This can be useful, for example, if you want to assemble commands dynamically, or if you use portal eventing and want to link this action to a Web item. JavaScript functions linked to a Web item always have the same signature:
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See Personal Computer Memory Card International Association.
Fraction or ratio Sometimes a fraction is called a ratio. These two terms are almost synonymous, but not quite. The term fraction implies that a particular quantity is a part of some other quantity. The term ratio expresses how two quantities are related in terms of their relative size or value. Think of the Happyville-Bluesdale situation again. If you say, It s seven-thirds times as far to Happyville as it is to Bluesdale, then you re using 7/3 as a fraction. If you say, The ratio of the distance to Happyville compared with the distance to Bluesdale is seven to three, then you re saying the same thing, but in a different way. You can write, The ratio of the distance to Happyville compared with the distance to Bluesdale is 7/3, and read 7/3 as seven to three. If you want to make clear that you re talking about a ratio, you can use a colon instead of a slash to separate the 7 and the 3. You would then write something like, The Happyville-to-Bluesdale distance ratio is 7:3, reading 7:3 as seven to three. Ratios are always expressed in terms of two integers, one divided by the other. They re never expressed as a whole integer plus or minus a proper fraction.
cating that no object was sensed and 1 indicating that an object is present. These values will be stored in the variable object_detect. When the program execution is returned back to the main program, certain decisions can easily be made, based on this information. The infrared subroutine takes 40 samples from the module and counts the number of positive hits received. The number of samples taken can also be configured by changing the variable num_samples. Because of stray infrared and signals from the environment, the module is constantly producing false positive signals that are referred to as noise. The average acceptable amount of noise picked up by the sensor module is called the noise floor. The routine needs to set a threshold point above the typical amount of noise and report a sensed object only if the number of positive signals received throughout the number of samples taken exceeds the noise floor. With the PNA4602M sensor modules, I found that the typical false positive was actually very low five for every 40 samples taken. To be on the safe side, the threshold is set at 25 for every 40 samples, to ensure that an object is present. By changing the threshold value, you can change the sensitivity and distance detection response of the module. If you want a more accurate reading, the num_samples value can be increased, but will take more time for the routine to execute. The last option is using the mode select push button to invoke the infrared sensor calibration routine. This will enable the user to simply push the button on the robot s head to calibrate the sensor, as described earlier. The experimenter can also develop a software routine to use the push button to choose different modes of behavior when the robot starts up. When the main software routine senses that the button has been pushed, it goes into a tight loop until it senses that the switch has been let up before going to the
Figure D.1: Angular rates for Example D.2.
rx-remote.bas program listing (continued)
Four setup scripts should be run for any example you want to use. For specific RPDs, you may need to run additional scripts. These are explained in the section RPD-Specific Scripts. Finally, some scripts are provided to help test and enable various features.
Figure 19-4 Dual voltage power supply
display dialog "Keep playing this version, or play the next " buttons {"Keep Playing This Version", "Play the Next Version", "Cancel"} with title "Gimme Shelter" if the button returned of the result is "Play the Next Version" then next track else return end if
Wohlers: Applying AutoCAD 2010
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AppleScript: A Beginner s Guide
to point at the zenith and then left there. (It would need a hole near the bottom to keep it from collecting rain water!) A second user on the shore of Lake Tahoe, in the western United States, would point her dish at some spot in the southern sky. A third user in Tierra del Fuego, at the tip of South America, would point his dish at some spot in the northern sky (Fig. 1-5). None of the three dishes, once positioned, would ever have to be moved and, in fact, should never be moved.
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