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Vertigo A careful history and physical examination usually affords the basis for separating true vertigo from the dizziness of the anxious patient and from the other types of pseudovertigo. The recognition of vertigo is not dif cult when the patient states that objects in the environment have spun around or moved rhythmically in one direction or that a sensation of whirling of the head and body was experienced. (A distinction is sometimes drawn between subjective vertigo, meaning a sense of turning of one s body, and objective vertigo, an illusion of movement of the environment, but its signi cance is doubtful.) Often, however, the patient is not so explicit. The feeling may be described as a to-and-fro or upand-down movement of the body, usually of the head, or the patient may compare the feeling to that imparted by the pitch and roll of a ship. Or the oor or walls may seem to tilt or to sink or rise up. In walking, the patient may have felt unsteady and veered to one side, or may have had a sensation of leaning or being pulled to the ground or to one side or another (a static tilt), as though being drawn by a strong magnet. This feeling of impulsion, or pulsion, is particularly characteristic of vertigo. Oscillopsia, an illusory movement of the environment, is another effect of vestibular disorder, especially if induced by movement of the head. Observant patients may actually note this rhythmic movement of the environment due to nystagmus. Some patients may be able to identify their symptoms only when asked to compare them with the feeling of movement they experience when they come to a halt after rapid rotation. If the patient is unobservant or imprecise in his descriptions, a helpful tactic is to provoke a number of dissimilar sensations by rotating him rapidly, irrigating his ears with warm and cold water, and then asking him to stoop for a minute and straighten up; having him stand relaxed for 3 min and checking his blood pressure for orthostatic effect; and particularly, having him hyperventilate for 3 min. Should the patient be unable to distinguish among these several types of induced dizziness or to ascertain the similarity of one of the types to his own condition, the history is probably too inaccurate for purposes of diagnosis. When the patient s symptoms are mild or poorly described, small items of the history a desire to keep still and a disinclination to stoop or walk during an attack, a tendency to list to one side, an aggravation of symptoms by turning over in bed or closing his eyes, a sense of imbalance when making a quick turn on foot or in a car, and a preference for one position of the body or head help to identify them as vertigo. At the other end of the scale are attacks of such abruptness and severity as to virtually throw the patient to the ground. Independently occurring vertiginous attacks of the usual variety mark these falling episodes as part of Meniere ` disease (see further on). On the other hand, a dizzy sensation that is not made worse markedly by vigorous shaking of the head is unlikely to relate to vertigo. All but the mildest forms of vertigo are accompanied by some degree of nausea, vomiting, pallor, perspiration, and some dif culty with walking. The patient may simply be disinclined to walk or may walk unsteadily and veer to one side, or he may be unable to walk at all if the vertigo is intense. Forced to lie down, the patient realizes that one position, usually on one side with eyes closed,
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1. In the database that actually contains the database users, create a connection pool that will be used solely for authentication. 2. For the username and password, use these values: USER and :PASSWORD, respectively. These are the values the user entered into the logon screen and the presentation service is forwarding them to the BI server. The BI server will attempt to connect to the database using these values.
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ETFs offer advantages over index funds that make them more attractive and liquid for investors who are looking to time the market. ETFs are more diversified than individual stocks and have advantages over mutual funds, as well. Investors can be more aggressive and buy and sell industry-sector ETFs, taking into account the cautions raised in the previous chapter with sector funds. And ETFs are a great tool to develop a balanced investment portfolio because of the array of choices. However, ETFs are not leveraged, so an investor would have to use a margin account to obtain leverage and incur margin interest until the ETF position is closed. In contrast, leveraged funds (for example, selected Rydex Funds) offer leverage on both the long and short sides of the market. The most popular ETFs to use for market timing are the QQQs and SPYs. They each have huge trading volume, offer minimal bid/ask spreads, and represent a very significant specific market segment. For those investors who want more risk, numerous ETF sectors can fill the bill, such as the nine SPDR sectors. Refer to the AMEX Web site ( for further details.
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Ergotism is the name applied to poisoning with ergot, a drug derived from the rye fungus Claviceps purpurea. Ergot is used therapeutically to control postpartum hemorrhage due to uterine atony; one of its alkaloids, ergotamine, is used in the treatment of
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CHAPTER 5 Exponents and Roots
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This section discusses initialization of the AHRS state vector. Initialization of the error state covariance matrix is discussed in Section 10.5.5.
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Joe takes 45 minutes to mow a lawn. His older brother Jerry takes 30 minutes to mow the lawn. If they work together, how long will it take for them to mow the lawn The quantity in each of the three cases is 1 there is one yard to be mowed. Use the formula Q rt and the data given in the problem to ll in all nine boxes. Because we are looking for the time (in minutes) it takes for them to mow the lawn together, let t represent the number of minutes needed to mow the lawn together.
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Equations from Graphs +y x=0+ x y=b+ y (x,y)
Profit/loss by change in IBM common price $ 900 720 540 360 180 0 180 360 68.56 72.88 77.20 81.52 85.84 90.16 94.48 98.80 103.12 107.44
Okay, that sets up the <form> element. To actually send the data inside any HTML controls you put in the <form> element, you can use a Submit button, which you create with the <input type="submit"> element:
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Thus, the secondderivativetells us how fast the slopeis changing.It is commonlyrefened to as the cun,ature,because high value for the secondderivativemeanshigh curvature. a Finally.partialderivatives usedfor lunctionsthat depend morethanonevariable. are on Partialderivativescan be thoughtof as taking the derivativeof the functionat a pointwith For example,given a function/ that depends both .r all but one variableheld constant. on y, the partial derivativeof/with respectto.{ at an arbitrarypoint (x, 1,)is detined and as
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ing the natural state that comes from sleep deprivation, results in some degradation of mental performance and inattentiveness. A confusional state can also accompany focal cerebral disease in various locations, particularly in the right hemisphere, or result from disorders that disturb mainly language, memory, or visuospatial orientation, but these are readily distinguished from the global confusional state. These matters are discussed further in Chap. 20, Delirium and Other Confusional States, and Chap. 23, in relation to focal cerebral lesions. The mildest degree of confusion may be so slight that it can be overlooked unless the examiner searches for deviations from the patient s normal behavior and liveliness of conversation. The patient may even be roughly oriented as to time and place, with only occasional irrelevant remarks betraying an incoherence of thinking. Moderately confused persons can carry on a simple conversation for short periods of time, but their thinking is slow and incoherent, their responses are inconsistent, attention span is reduced, and they are unable to stay on one topic and to inhibit inappropriate responses. Usually they are variably disoriented in time and place. They are distractible and at the mercy of every stimulus. Periods of irritability and excitability may alternate with drowsiness and diminished vigilance. Movements are often tremulous, jerky, and ineffectual. Sequences of movement also reveal impersistence. Severely confused and inattentive persons are usually unable to do more than carry out the simplest commands, and these only inconsistently and in brief sequence. Few if any thought processes are in operation. Their speech is usually limited to a few words or phrases; infrequently the opposite pertains namely, some individuals are voluble. They are unaware of much that goes on around them, are often disoriented in time and place, do not grasp their immediate situation, and may misidentify people or objects. Illusions may lead to fear or agitation. Occasionally, hallucinatory or delusional experiences impart a psychotic cast to the clinical picture, obscuring the de cit in attention. The degree of confusion often varies from one time of day to another. It tends to be least pronounced in the morning but increases as the day wears on and peaks in the early evening hours ( sundowning ) when the patient is fatigued and environmental cues are less clear-cut. Many events that involve the confused patient leave no trace in memory; in fact, the capacity to recall events of the past hours or days is one of the most delicate tests of mental clarity. So is the use of so-called working memory, which requires the temporary storage of the solution of one task for use in the next. This de cit in working memory, which is such a common feature of the confusional states, can be demonstrated by tests of serial subtraction and the spelling of words (or repeating a phone number) forward and then backward. Careful analysis will show these defects to be tied to inattention and impaired perception or registration of information rather than a fault in retentive memory. In some medical writings, particularly in the psychiatric literature, the terms delirium and confusion are used interchangeably, the former connoting nothing more than a nondescript confusional state in which hyperactivity may be prominent. However, in the syndrome of delirium tremens (observed most often but not exclusively in alcoholics), the vivid hallucinations; inaccessibility of the patient to events other than those to which he is reacting at the moment; extreme agitation; tendency to tremble, startle easily, and convulse; and the signs of overactivity of the autonomic nervous system [as well as a normal electroencephalographic (EEG) tracing] suggest to us that the term delirium should be reserved for a highly distinctive confusional syndrome (elaborated in Chap. 20).
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