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ADO.NET contains sets of classes designed to interact with a specific DBMS. Each set is identified by a namespace. A namespace organizes classes in a hierarchy of classes to prevent naming conflicts. This sounds a little strange, but you won't give the term namespace a second thought once you begin to use it in your application. The most important point to understand is that you must import into your application the namespace that corresponds to the DBMS that is accessed by your application. Here are commonly used namespaces:
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We now will use the IDE to run the project. To run this project as an application, you must build additional files. You do so, naturally enough, from the Build menu, shown in Figure 1-6. From the Build menu, you choose one of the following four options: Build Solution Rebuild Solution Build FirstProject Rebuild FirstProject As will be explained later in this chapter, building means using the compiler to translate your code into machine language the computer can understand. N OTE The name following Build in the third choice and Rebuild in the fourth choice is FirstProject because we changed the name of the project to FirstProject. If we had kept the default project name of WindowsApplication1, these menu items instead would be Build WindowsApplication1 and Rebuild WindowsApplication1.
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Once you ve entered and checked all the code, press CTRL-F5 to test the application. Figure 12-10 shows what you can expect to see in a web page display.
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would see a glimmer of twilight. As winter s dark grip (though no colder than any other season) came to an end, the Sun would give you a peek. The days would grow longer, and the Sun s course across the sky would get higher. At the Uranian vernal equinox, when you were 21 Earth years old, the Sun would travel in an Earthlike way across the sky, behaving like it does in Minneapolis around the end of March or September, but with daylight lasting only 9 Earth hours and darkness another 9 Earth hours. Perhaps you would read in books (or on computer screens) about the changes of seasons in places like Minnesota and be thankful that no such fluctuations in temperature occurred on Uranus. The season would evolve, the Sun would move further toward the celestial pole, and the hours of daylight would grow long. For a while, the Sun would follow a path similar to that in midsummer in Minneapolis, but it would still be early spring on Uranus. The daylight hours would grow longer yet and the darkness hours shorter. One night darkness would never fall. After that, you would have a full 18 hours of daylight every day, and as the Earth years continued to progress, the Sun would describe a smaller and smaller circle in the sky around the celestial pole. On the day of the summer solstice when you were 42 Earth years old, the Sun would follow a circle only 8 angular degrees in radius around the celestial pole. You would have become used to continuous daylight. The Sun would shine down through the Uranian haze at a favorable angle, casting a shadow just about as long as you were tall. As summer progressed, the circle would widen; your shadows would change length and orientation more noticeably with the time of day. After a few more Earth years, the Sun would rise to near the zenith at noon and dip to near the horizon at midnight. Then one midnight, the Sun would plunge below the horizon beneath the celestial pole. Twilight would once again become a familiar sight. The twilights would become longer and darker until one midnight darkness would become total for a while. Imagine the emotional effects of the first total darkness you had seen in a quarter of a lifetime! At the autumnal equinox, when you were 63 Earth years old, the daylight and darkness hours would be of equal length. The days would grow shorter. You might remember the first time you saw the Sun as a child. As an elderly adult, you would see the Sun for the last time. In the days that followed, the noon twilight would grow dimmer and shorter until once again continuous darkness would reign. You would never see the Sun again, unless, of course, you moved to a southerly latitude.
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Although eqn. (8.154) appears to contain (m + 3) free variables (i.e., p and N), a very useful insight for reduction of the search space is the fact that there are only three degrees of freedom [64]. To see that this is true, note that if p were known, then N could be directly computed. Similarly, if three elements of N were known, then p and the remainder of N could m be computed. Therefore, instead of testing on the order of 2 N + 1 3 candidate integers, we instead only need to test on the order of 2 N + 1 candidate integers. A important remaining question is how to appropriately generate these candidate integers. The method presented below relates to the Local Minima Search algorithm presented in [112]. Consider the LU decomposition of the matrix Q de ned in eqn. (8.157). As discussed following the de nition of Q in eqn. (8.157), the matrix H has m rows and 3 columns and is rank 3; therefore, its range space has dimension 3. The subspace orthogonal to the range space of H has dimension (m 3); therefore, Q has rank equal to (m 3). In the decomposition Q = LU with L Rm m lower triangular and U Rm m upper triangular, due to
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3: Applied Auditing and Audit Vault
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Figure 8.17: Single di erence DGPS L1 C/A position estimate scatter plot. Example 8.8 Figure 8.1 presented GPS position estimation results. For the same set of data, a scatter plot of the di erential L1 pseudorange position estimation results is shown in Figure 8.17. The north, east, and down position estimation error mean vector is [0.02, 0.16, 0.08]m the error standard deviation vector is [0.3, 0.2, 0.7]m. A scatter plot of the di erential L1 (integer-resolved) phase position estimation results is shown in Figure 8.18. The north, east, and down position estimation error mean vector is [0.008, 0.001, 0.014]m the error standard deviation vector is [0.004, 0.002, 0.009]. As expected the phase estimation standard deviation is approximately 100 times improved relative to the pseudorange estimation standard deviation.
Operating a telescope in space presents certain problems that users of Earth-based telescopes don t have to deal with. The most obvious constraint, at least with the HST, is the fact that the observer is not physically present to attend to the apparatus. The telescope must be aimed and the instruments operated by remote control.
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time to play the prank. The device works great when hidden behind some furniture so it cannot be seen easily. If it is pressed up against a wall, the chewing noises sound as though they are coming from inside the wall due to vibrations. You have to remember to orient the device so that the magnet bounces around on the base of the cabinet. Ensure you label one side as the top. Now you can tell your pals all about the huge rat or mice you saw scurrying across the floor so they will have something to think about as night falls and the gnawing sounds begin!
Table 28-2. Layers
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