Using Moving Averages in Software

Generating UPC-13 in Software Using Moving Averages

Adjust the appearance of dimension lines lines, arrowheads, and text Control the placement of dimension text Adjust the format and precision of primary and alternate units Edit a dimension s properties Explode a dimension
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back to Ford s executives with a marketing solution before the big agency could even consider the problem. The Ford people needed us and ours was an area the big agency just couldn t handle. This led Lee to a dozen years of hectic airborne commuting and overnight problem solving. Next came three years of writing the ads for Carroll Shelby s Cobra and Shelby Mustangs, plus all the Ford projects. Same routine, he says, with West Coast flights thrown in. Of course, the cars were great and the atmosphere, electric. After too many years of dragging through airports at night, Lee rejoined Gray & Rogers, the agency he had worked with before. Among other accounts, he was the creative writer for Utica Tools, Castrol Oils, Raybestos Manhattan (brake linings and parts), and Pocono International Raceway. During these years and later, he and his wife fed a growing auto enthusiasm with imported sports cars. Following a road rally accident, they prudently switched to slower-moving classics. He did unpaid writing for the Lincoln Continental Owner s Club (four years as editor of the club s national publication, Continental Comments) and for the newsletter of the Delaware Valley Region of the Classic Car Club of America. Auto writing, whether it s ads or sales promotion programs, showroom literature or catalogs, involves much more reading than writing. If you re writing promotional literature, you have to know what the competition is thinking and saying, so you can take a different sales position. You have to get all the corporate marketing data you can to position your car or your aftermarket (after-the-sale) product or service. You also have to play the If I were a Spitfire V8, what would I say about myself game. In addition, you really need to have a love of the automobile. Anybody who calls himself or herself an automotive writer must know the lingo, Lee says. You don t need to use an obviously in style, but you d better know the terminology. You re writing to partisans, even if they re not enthusiasts, and they can spot an automotive ignoramus a mile away.
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Part 3: Drawing and Editing
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NOTE C-level management refers to corporate positions whose titles begin with Chief CEO,
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NATEF is a nonprofit organization that evaluates technician training programs against standards developed by the automotive industry and recommends qualifying programs for certification (accreditation) by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). Check out the website for training and certification information.
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Always store computer components in ESD bags, and place them in cool,
tableObject.deleteRow(index) Deletes a row. The index value indicates the row index of the row to delete.
Figure 12-1 The last names shown in the DropDownList control are from the database.
Make sure you have good lighting as well as good technique to make sure that no solder bridges flow between the connections. Finally locate and install U3, the LM386 IC audio amplifier integrated circuit. Once again use of an IC socket is highly recommended. Solder the IC socket to the PC board and insert the LM386 paying particular attention to the small notch or indented circle on the top of the IC body. Pin 1 is to the left of the notch, cut-out or indented circle. Take a short well-deserved break and when we return, we will install the remaining components on the PC board and finish up building the receiver. Now locate power switch S1. Press S1 firmly into its six holes and solder all six pins. The switch fits the board only one way. Next, install J1, the RCA-style antenna jack and solder all four points. Now, install J2, the subminiature headphone jack. Solder all three points. Be gentle and patient in inserting, so as not to damage the solder tabs. Locate all three potentiometers and we will install them now. Potentiometer controls R1, R2 and R3 are all mounted in a row next to switch S1. Insert the three PC mount potentiometers into their positions. Check that the controls are pressed in firmly and straight against the top of the board. Solder the three center pins and then the two larger mechanical mounting tabs. Use enough solder for a solid connection. The circuit board may require a few jumpers; cut component leads make good jumpers. Insert the jumpers and solder into place, remember to trim the excess leads. We are now down to the home-stretch. Install the battery snap terminal in the two holes below S1, making sure that the positive (red) lead is inserted into the (+) hole on the PC board. Finally, go ahead and mount the battery bracket, it may be attached in a variety of ways. A wire jumper can be passed through the two holes on the PC board, then both ends soldered on the underside of the board. You may prefer to use very small screws or even a doublesided mounting adhesive strip or glue. In using such methods, make sure that the battery will not block the PC board s mounting hole in its vicinity. Wiring of the PC board is now complete. If you have the patience, we suggest a short break. Then take a magnifying lens and a bright light and examine all your
CHAPTER 3 Controls
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