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3. In reply to Specify base point or displacement, place a base point somewhere on or near the gasket drawing, as shown in Fig. 17-2. 4. Move the pointing device in the direction of the second point (destination). 5. Pick the second point. The gasket should move accordingly. 6. Practice using the MOVE command by moving the drawing to the bottom of the screen. 7. Reenter the MOVE command. 8. In response to the Select objects prompt, pick two of the four large holes and press ENTER (or right-click). 9. Specify the rst point (base point). Place the point anywhere on or near either of the two holes. 10. In reply to Specify second point or displacement, move the pointing device upward. (Polar tracking should be on.) 11. Enter 3 to move the holes vertically 3 units. 12. Undo the move.
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It isn t surprising that many sites offering career information to computer and information professionals have been developed. Deja News (, an Internet site hosting more than 45,000 discussion forums, has created in con-
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ASP.NET 3.5: A Beginner s Guide
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