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Color temperature of light: The color appearance of a light, either cool or warm. Combustion gases: Gases that are created through the process of burning, such as carbon monoxide. Gas appliances in a home may produce these gases, so proper ventilation is important. Community: A group of several different species living in a defined habitat, which they share while also maintaining independence from each other. Compact fluorescent lighting: A fluorescent light that is made to fit in an Edison light socket, used as an efficient alternative to incandescent lighting. Composting: The process used to control decomposition of organic materials into a humus-like material that may be used as an organic fertilizer. Composting toilet: A toilet that processes waste material into a material that may be used as a soil amendment. Conduction: The transfer of heat through solid materials that are in contact with each other. Conductor: Any substance or object able of transmitting heat, energy, or sound. Constructed wetlands: Used to treat runoff and wastewater, a variety of systems designed using natural wetlands as a model. Construction waste management: A term used to describe construction or demolition strategies that encourage recycling and reuse of materials. Cooling/heating load: The amount of heat/cool air needed to offset a deficit/overage of the other. Covenants: Worked into a deed, agreements that allow or disallow certain activities and usages on the deeded property. CRI (color rendering index of light): When objects are illuminated by electric light, they will appear differently depending on the quality of the light. Rated on a scale of 1 to 100, objects will appear closer to their actual color with higher numbers and more distant with lower numbers. Cross ventilation: The proper sizing and placements of doors, windows, and walls to cool a building by using natural breezes and air flow. Critical zone: A location within a building that has numerous contaminant sources, thus requiring proper ventilation control to remain comfortable for occupants. Critical
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with error number 128 to catch the error generated by clicking the Cancel button in the dialog box. All the error handler needs is a playpause command to pause playback in iTunes. The added statements appear in boldface here:
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Finally, upon executing the report, the initial screen that appears offers a field to enter the variable hierarchy node, as shown in the next illustration. The second illustration shows the results of assigning the variable. Notice that during the process of formatting, we included both the text and the technical naming convention with the appropriate background color and font format. We also could have changed the background color for key figures and made other adjustments.
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two together to make a smoother transition. Besides photo fakery, the healing brush is great for removing litter from a photo, erasing unwanted graffiti, or simply hiding small objects that take away from a photo. The healing brush will do a
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Applied SAP BI 7.0 Web Reports
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that the ease with which you can use a Selector or a Tachometer, and its dynamic and robust displays separate the Xcelsius from WAD functionality. This component is very user friendly and is positioned to be used by the business users as well as the power users to develop the dashboards on the fly. As you can see, there is plenty to review and discuss when it comes to the configuration using Xcelsius, but for this general introduction, we are going to look at some of the possible results that you can achieve with Xcelsius. Also keep in mind that configuring an interactive what if statement is much easier in Xcelsius than using the WAD and Integrated Planning (IP), and can be accomplished by the business user rather than the BW IT department. All the features that are available in the other components are also available via Xcelsius, such as live data connectivity to KPIs, the ability to leverage the Excel modeling component (as shown in the preceding illustration, the worksheet can be an Excel worksheet), and, once you develop the dashboard, the ability to embed a dashboard into any Microsoft Office application, including PowerPoint presentations. You can display the developed dashboard via a portal, whether a BI portal or a corporate portal, and integrate SAP and non-SAP data into one dashboard. The integration of the SAP and non-SAP data still requires IT department assistance in most cases, but the integration of the data is much easier to work with and complete. When you are in the process of deploying Xcelsius for the enterprise, other considerations need to be taken into account in addition to all the guidance for OLAP universes and Web Intelligence. This is due to the fact that the OLAP universe is predominantly used as the backend for Xcelsius dashboards via the Query as a Web Service (QaaWS) component. With Xcelsius, you need to use specific best practices to ensure they do not overload the Flash engine (component that allows the Xcelsius to function with dynamic displays and interactive activities), thus jeopardizing a fast response time for the live dashboards. End users of dashboard applications typically have little patience for poorly performing dashboards, so it is critical that you bear in mind the following best practices: Make sure that you pull in only the data that you absolutely need and must display in the dashboard. Xcelsius dashboards run within the Flash engine inside the browser, which is not designed for aggregating data, performing large mathematical calculations, or processing large data sets that require a large amount of memory. The guideline for data volume is to try to keep your data set ideally to 500 rows, 5,000 rows maximum. To guarantee fast response times, you may need to create highly specific BEx queries to base the universes on, and keep the universes small; or at the very least, keep the number of key figures low to increase query performance. Be smart in how queries are initiated. If the dashboard has multiple tabs, try to pull in data for subsequent tabs only when those tabs are accessed. Running all the queries on initial load can delay the moment the dashboard first displays, which may be longer than an end user is willing to wait. Splitting the queries up between tabs can make the dashboard far more responsive. Push aggregation down to BW. This is a proven and industry-standard strategy to keep the data sets small and make queries run fast. Expectations around the response of dashboards are very different from refreshing operational reports.
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Next, we expand e back into its original form and substitute it into the above expression twice, getting (a + b)c + (a + b)d We can apply the right-hand distributive law twice, and rewrite this as ac + bc + ad + bd Now we employ the commutative law in a generalized way, obtaining ac + ad + bc + bd We know this is equal to the expression we began with, because we just got done morphing it using known tactics, one step at a time. Therefore (a + b)(c + d ) = ac + ad + bc + bd Q.E.D.
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