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while others meet with clients in their One of the exciting things about our counspare time, in addition to working a fulltry is that we have the freedom to choose time job. our own career paths. If you are interested in health care, you might decide to pursue a career in medicine or Wanted: Motivated, nutrition. If you wish Reliable Professionals to provide a speci c A successful entrepreneur type of product or must be self-motivated, service that few other patient, and persistent. companies offer, you Building a new business may consider starting takes time, and when you re your own business. the boss, your company s Entrepreneurs fate is entirely in your hands. people who create Good time-management and and run their own decision-making skills are businesses are found helpful, too. Entrepreneurs in nearly every eld. must also be able to commuIn the year 2000, nicate with others; good relaabout 10,000 of the tionships with both clients noted 213,000 drafting and employees are necessary jobs were held by selfin order to obtain business employed individuals. Brand X Pictures/PunchStock and to keep it. One of the most important characteristics, however, Working on Your Own is reliability. Clients and employees must Experienced, independent individuals know that they can take you at your word. work in many areas of drafting, but few have entered the profession on their own Career Activities without rst obtaining specialized training. Most have worked initially for a drafting 1. Have you ever tried to run your own company to learn about drafting techbusiness What skills did you use niques. After accumulating years of experience, these individuals decided to obtain 2. Interview an entrepreneur from your their own clients and work for themselves. area. What was the most dif cult Some drafting entrepreneurs use their busiproblem the person faced How was ness as their primary means of income, the problem solved
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American Speed Association 203 South Heritage Way Pendleton, IN 46064 www.asaracing.com
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10.6 Factoring as periodicity
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observed for the circuit to work correctly. Look through the parts pile and locate the capacitors and place them in front of you. You will notice a number of small disk capacitors, we will install these first. Look closely at each of the disk capacitors at their markings. Sometimes the capacitors are very small and they may not have their actual value printed on them but will instead have some sort of code. Refer to the parts list for these codes. Locate four or five of these small disk capacitors, identify them and install them on the circuit board, while referring to the schematic and layout diagrams. After inserting the disk capacitors onto the circuit board, you can go ahead and solder them to the circuit board. Remember to cut the excess component leads. Next move on and install another grouping of small disk capacitors, then solder them in place on the printed circuit board. Cut the extra component leads after soldering in the capacitors. When you are finished installing the small capacitors we will move on to the larger electrolytic types. Capacitors C9 and C24 are 1.0 F electrolytic capacitors and capacitors, while C11, C22, C23, and C27 are 10 F electrolytic capacitors. Capacitors C13 and C14 are 220 F, while C26 is a 1000 F electrolytic capacitor. When installing these capacitors you must orient them with respect to their polarity. Each electrolytic will have either a plus or minus marking
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Comparison Between Hypertrophic Scars, Keloids, and Striae Hypertrophic Scars Keloids Exact origin unknown. Possible links to hormones, family inheritance, blood type A, and certain connective tissue diseases.32,34,35 Can appear at any time, from weeks to years after original injury. Higher prevalence among darker skin types: 15 times as likely to appear in patients of African, Spanish, and Asian origin than in patients with fairer skin types.32 Equal prevalence among men and women. Often develop between ages of 10 and 30.7 Raised, red purple scars that extend beyond original boundaries of injury. Histologically, few collagen bundles arranged randomly, poorly vascularized. No myo broblasts. Increased mast cells. No resolution over time. Poor treatment response. Striae Occur due to bodily expansion (puberty, pregnancy), hormones, excessive exercise, or family history.6,63,65,66
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Neurogenic Syncope
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(See Chap. 41) In the western world, nutritional polyneuropathy is usually associated with chronic alcoholism. As indicated in page 989, all data point to the identity or at least close relationship between alcoholic neuropathy and neuropathic beriberi. A nutritional factor is responsible for both, though in any given case it often remains unclear whether the de ciency is one of thiamine, nicotinic acid, pyridoxine, pantothenic acid, folic acid, or a combination of these B
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