There you go simple. You can see data.php at work in a browser (no Ajax involved yet) in Figure 3-3. Now let s get the text that data.php sends back to the browser this time using Ajax techniques. To do that, you simply have to change the accessed URL from data.txt to data.php like this (this is ajax2.html):
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Part 2: Drawing Aids and Controls
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The IEnumerable<T> is a lambda expression. With a lambda expression, you can treat code like data. A lambda expression works something like an anonymous method where you can place several statements inside the method, but with a lambda, expressions are assigned to the lambda instance as you would assign data. Using IEnumerable<T>, all of the LINQ query can be placed in a single assignment. It s something like placing a set of SQL commands in a string expression and then executing that expression as using a SqlCommand instance. However, instead of SQL, it s LINQ.
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Applied SAP BI 7.0 Web Reports
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Keloids are dark, raised scars that by de nition extend beyond the original boundaries of injury. They are rmer than HS but have a similar prolonged growth phase.1 There are many theories behind keloid formation. Their exact cause is unknown; events causing in ammation, such as infections, excessive wound tension, and foreign material, may be responsible in some cases, although keloids can also develop without an obvious injury.2 They are often believed to occur due to increased broblast activity leading to excess collagen production.30 These excess deposits of collagen slow oxygen circulation with a reduction in vascularization yielding selective tissue hypoxia. The net result is a marked overproduction of collagen. Transforming growth factor beta-1 (TGF- 1) is thought to play a role in broblasts excess collagen and is found at higher than average levels in keloids and HS. Beer and colleagues also theorized that the reduced vascularization of keloids stimulates collagen production due to suppressed inhibitory factor XIIIapositive dermal dendrocytes.31 Hormonal issues may also contribute to keloid formation. Keloids are known to emerge during puberty, enlarge during pregnancy, and regress after menopause.32 Stern and Lucente discovered that pregnant women tended to report an onset of keloids during pregnancy, even though two-thirds of the women had stable wounds for many years prior.33 Genetics may also in uence keloid formation. A 2001 pedigree study by Marneros and colleagues suggested keloids often develop in families with an autosomal recessive or dominant transmission.34 A 2004 study by Marneros and colleagues studied two families with an autosomal dominant inheritance pattern of keloids and discovered evidence for keloid susceptibility loci on two chromosomes (7p11 and 2q23). Researchers concluded that additional loci for keloids were likely.35 Keloids have also been associated with patients with blood type A or patients with certain connective tissue diseases.32
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Consolidating Databases with the Oracle Exadata Database Machine
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Franchise owners pay a franchising fee plus a percentage of their profits to the parent company. This percentage is determined by the amount of advertising and consulting support given by the parent company and varies considerably. It can range from 3 percent to a whopping 50 percent in the temporary-help business. (However, in the temporary-help business, the franchiser finances the pay-
I think the word he was searching for was compassion. It means, literally, suffering together and generally implies a desire on the part of the compassionate person to help in some way. The opposite of compassion is apathy, a nonfeeling, an emotional indifference. A person who lives in a state of apathy exists on the lowest rung of humanity. In fact, he or she embodies inhumanity. Compassionate people care for one another, in the knowledge that we are truly more alike than we are different. We come from the same Source, which is the Source of all life. We all breathe the same air, occupy the same small corner of a relatively small galaxy. We all want more or less the same things out of life: variations upon human happiness. And we re all going to meet the same fate, ulti-
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Advanced Options Trading
To create a new VPN interface:
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