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such as those published by McGraw-Hill. Absorb the wealth of knowledge proPRO vided by seasoned professionals that POINTER can be found in these books. Talk to There are many ways to prepare for people in the business. You ll find many becoming a general contractor. builders who are willing to share some Read every book you can find on of their experience with you and point building and related trades, and out some helpful tips to get you started read books written for homeowners as well as some pitfalls to avoid. and do-it-yourselfers. Seek out titles You can also attend classes that that have been written for profespertain to various trades and homesionals, such as those published by building. Some places, such as the area McGraw-Hill. Absorb the wealth of where I live, offer support workshops for knowledge provided by seasoned people hoping to build their own homes. professionals that can be found in Look into the possibilities of attending these books. Talk to people in the workshops or vocational classes if you business. You ll find many builders feel you need more training than you who are willing to share some of can get from a book. Local community their experience with you and point colleges frequently offer constructionout some helpful tips to get you related courses such as basic carpentry started as well as some pitfalls to skills, blueprint reading, and even proavoid. ject management, and the classes are generally held in the evening and are relatively inexpensive. Videos have become extremely popular, and there are many available that show how to perform certain tasks, such as hanging cabinets or installing plumbing. Your local library or video store may have some of these learning tools on hand. If not, I m sure they can help you order titles that will boost your skill level. Go to some local residential building sites and check out what s going on. Make note of any subcontractors working there or names of companies delivering materials or equipment. This will help you become more familiar with the local construction community. Walk through some of the homes under construction and observe the types of materials and products being used. Watch some of the work being performed to gain more knowledge of the trades involved. Trade shows can be an excellent source of product knowledge. Given all the publicity generated by and for green building, it should be easy to find trade shows, open houses, seminars, and other gathering places to go in search of a higher understanding of sustainable building.
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communications. A third switch is provided in Half Racks and Full Racks to enable connections to additional like configurations of the Database Machine. This high-performance network architecture also allows the Oracle Exadata Database Machine to connect to InfiniBand-based clients for backup, restore, and archive activities. Architecturally, this opens up some interesting options and allows flexibility to connect to other Oracle-integrated hardware and software platforms. For example, the InfiniBand is used as a high-speed connection from the Oracle Exadata Database Machine to Oracle Exalogic. An Ethernet GbE switch is also provided in the Oracle Exadata Database Machine for administrative purposes. External user connections are generally into 10 GbE ports that reside in the database server nodes.
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(K): heatof dry air r1,kJ/(kg K) to tcmperaturc r ; , : 0 . 9 9 4 0 3 + 1 . 6 1 x l 0 1 I + 9 . 7 2 1 5x l 0 8 r : | - 9 . - 5 8 3 8 l 0 r r T 3+ 1 . 9 5 2 0 l 0 l ' 1 r l x x Detcrmine tcmperaturc conesponds a specilic heat the that to oi l.l kJ/(kg ). K 5.20 The upwardvclocity of a rockct can be computcd by thc tbllowinglblnrula:
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Sy Harding, mentioned in 7 for his contribution to seasonal investing, also provides investment and market-timing advice via his newsletter Sy Harding s Street Smart Report, published every three weeks, for 16 years. A typical newsletter includes the following:
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You can see this example in Figure 8-9. When you click the button in this example, the code pastes new text over the text range enclosing the <div> element, and you can see the result in Figure 8-10. Text ranges are powerful tools, but you should probably stay away from them in Ajax applications unless you re sure that you re going to be dealing only with Internet Explorer; otherwise, you ll have to duplicate the same operation in code for other browsers.
sudden jerks or thrusts. This isn t Olympic lifting; this is bodybuilding, which means you must make a concerted effort to ensure that it s your muscles, and not momentum, doing all of the work during this exercise. After a short break, it s time to train your triceps, so get ready, because this is one killer routine that will pump your arms up at least a solid inch!
to pick only one of them for the independent set. Repeat this construction for all clauses a clause with two literals will be represented simply by an edge joining the literals. (A clause with one literal is silly and can be removed in a preprocessing step, since the value of the variable is determined.) In the resulting graph, an independent set has to pick at most one literal from each group (clause). To force exactly one choice from each clause, take the goal g to be the number of clauses; in our example, g = 4. All that is missing now is a way to prevent us from choosing opposite literals (that is, both x and x) in different clauses. But this is easy: put an edge between any two vertices that correspond to opposite literals. The resulting graph for our example is shown in Figure 8.8. Let s recap the construction. Given an instance I of 3 SAT, we create an instance (G, g) of INDEPENDENT SET as follows. Graph G has a triangle for each clause (or just an edge, if the clause has two literals), with vertices labeled by the clause s literals, and has additional edges between any two vertices that represent opposite literals. The goal g is set to the number of clauses. Clearly, this construction takes polynomial time. However, recall that for a reduction we do not just need an ef cient way to map instances of the rst problem to instances of the second (the function f in the diagram on page 241), but also a way to reconstruct a solution to the rst instance from any solution of the second (the function h). As always, there are two things to show. 1. Given an independent set S of g vertices in G, it is possible to ef ciently recover a satisfying truth assignment to I. For any variable x, the set S cannot contain vertices labeled both x and x, because any such pair of vertices is connected by an edge. So assign x a value of true if S contains a vertex labeled x, and a value of false if S contains a vertex labeled x (if S contains neither, then assign either value to x). Since S has g vertices, it must have one vertex per clause; this truth assignment satis es those particular literals, and thus satis es all clauses. 2. If graph G has no independent set of size g, then the Boolean formula I is unsatis able. 245
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