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In the Ajax example, no event handling code was entered for the button. How is it possible for the button to keep passing the contents of the TextBox control to the Label control using the Page_Load event handler When the button is pressed, it generates a post-back. The page thinks that with the use of the default Load_Page, a new page is loaded, so it passes the values of the TextBox control to the Label control. By and large, that is not a recommended practice. See the section Using Events with Ajax later in this chapter.
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This section of the chapter is focused on the backup and recovery best practices for Oracle databases residing on the Database Machine. You will see that the procedures you use for the Database Machine are no different from what you would use for Oracle Database 11 g Release 2 on other hardware platforms. We will start this section by discussing the tools available to perform backups and their best-practice considerations. Next, we will discuss the backup strategy and architecture for performing tape and disk-based backups. Last, we will touch upon the high-level best practices for performing recovery.
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If the gain sequence Lk is known, then eqns. (4.125 4.127) can be iterated to quantify the expected accuracy of the state estimation design for the given Lk . Eqn. (4.127) is true for any state feedback gain Lk ; therefore, this equation allows the performance (as measured by state error covariance) of alternative gain sequences to be quantitatively compared. In fact, eqn. (4.127) expresses the covariance of the state estimate immediately after the measurement correction as a function of the estimation gain vector Lk ; therefore, a new gain vector could be selected at each time instant to minimize the state estimation error variance. This is the topic of optimal stochastic state estimation which is discussed in 5.
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OHS is based on Apache, the most used web server on the Internet. Extensions to Apache are done through modules. OHS ships with many common modules already installed. Some of these modules are Oracle-specific, such as mod_plsql and mod_osso, while others are generally available to the Apache community. mod_rewrite is an open-source module that ships with
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ANATOMY AND EXERCISE When you re selecting exercises to perform for speci c muscle groups, it s a de nite asset to know the functions of the muscle structures you hope to involve. Table 1.1 is a brief list to assist you in the evaluation and selection process. This list is admittedly incomplete, but it should serve your purposes as a beginner because you will be concentrating solely on these muscle groups in order to build muscular mass. Use it as your base from which you can specialize on
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token travels from one computer to the next, in order, in a conceptual ring. This type of network uses a multiple access unit (MAU) instead of a hub. See Figure 7-8 for an illustration of a conceptual ring on a physical star topology. Another type of token-passing network is Token Bus. This network, based on IEEE standard 802.4, is similar to Token Ring but Token Ring networks with uses a coax bus topology rather than a twisted-pair a star topology use a MAU, not a hub. ring or star. A Token Bus network can transmit at 4Mbps only. FDDI networks use the FDDI standard, which was developed by ANSI and based on the IEEE 802.5 Token Ring standard. FDDI networks use a fiber-optic dual-ring structure and are capable of transmitting up to 100Mbps.
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Additional Problems
When you test the application by pressing CTRL-F5, you will see the same message as you saw before making the changes, but this time, you will see the background color you selected and the font color. Using the colors in the example, you will see an orange background with an off-white text displaying your message.
C# FilterWipe.aspx.cs
This template displays most of the commands that you see in the initial screen for each Web Analyzer report. As a quick example, if you were to execute just one of the basic reports, you would see all the commands on the toolbar, as shown here (and don t forget about the commands in the filters and settings portion of the report).
The following statement inserts a new paragraph after the third paragraph of the active document:
Disorders of Sleep Associated with Changes in Circadian Rhythm
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