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As you saw earlier in this chapter, the time property of the date object returns the number of seconds since midnight. This is nice and precise, but most of us fuzzy-brained humans find hours and minutes easier units to deal in. To break down a time in seconds into hours, minutes, or larger units, use the date constants shown in Table 5-6. For example, the following statement returns the number of hours that have passed so far in the day:
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Anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (AION)
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Compiling and Installing the Application
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8. A cotton candy vendor sells an average of 100 cones per day when the price of each cone is $1.50. The vendor believes that for each 10-cent drop in the price, she will sell 10 more cones. What should the price of the cones be if she wants a revenue of $156 (a) $1.30 (b) Leave at $1.50 (c) $1.70 (d) $1.40
What are real and protected modes The term real mode refers to older systems and applications or rather, their behavior. Real mode indicates an inability to access extended and virtual memory, and real-mode systems do not support multitasking. Applications that run in real mode typically run by trying to directly access the hardware. Another feature of real mode is that it is possible for an application to take over memory space that is already in use by a utility or driver. Real mode is a processor mode that was used in early microprocessors; it had a limit of 1MB of RAM, which is why the division of memory into conventional and upper, as described in 8, is so important. Protected-mode systems, such as the Intel 386 and newer chips, support multitasking and access to extended and virtual memory. While most real-mode applications are 16-bit, protected-mode applications are usually 32-bit. The term protected mode refers to the fact that each application s memory space is protected from use by other applications. DOS cannot run in protected mode, even if it is installed on a computer whose processor can run in protected mode. Windows 95 and higher can run in protected mode, and Windows 9x retains the ability to run real-mode applications. In general, however, Windows 9x legacy files and drivers work in real mode, and native 32-bit Windows 9x files and drivers work in protected mode.
organizations. In my opinion, the key to my father s success was his extraordinary ability to get people to go beyond themselves to give more to the cause than they ever believed they were capable of giving. He did this through his personal example of enormous energy and unflagging commitment. He did this by embodying the high standards that he wanted to see in others. He did this by bestowing or withholding his approval. When you got that smile, that pat on the back, that Attaboy! , it made all the sacrifice and the hardship seem worthwhile. And the next day, you d start all over again, working to win his approval and avoid his disapproval. I know this is what motivated his players, and it s certainly what motivated me. What s amazing to me is that some 30 years after his death, a lot of the players and I are still seeking his approval. In the back of our minds, we re checking our plans and their execution against his demanding standards. Is this the way he would have done it or would have wanted us to do it
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