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where the xi are independent random variables, then as N increases the distribution for xN approaches a Gaussian distribution, independent of the distributions for the individual xi . This rather remarkable result motivates the the importance of Gaussian random variables in applications. Whenever a random e ect is the superposition of many small random a ects, the superimposed e ect can be accurately modeled as a Gaussian random variable. When two random variables are not independent, it is useful to have metrics to quantify the amount of interdependence. Two important metrics are correlation and covariance. The correlation matrix between two random variables v and w is de ned by cor(v, w) = E vw = VW p(V, W) dV dW. (4.21)
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Originating Source Key Numbers Data Availability Bullish or Bearish Assigned Value
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Clinical Manifestations
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Figure 3-8 illustrates the basic components of management software that control the Exadata Storage Server. The key operational component is the CELLSRV process. This process handles incoming requests from the database grid and returns data to that grid. As the CELLSRV process handles all input and output operations to an Exadata Storage Server cell, this component is also responsible for implementing the directives imposed by the I/O Resource Manager. The primary interface to the operations of the Exadata Storage Server for administrators is the Management Server, usually referred to as MS. Administrators talk to the MS through the CellCLI interface, which uses commands that will be described in more detail later. The Management Server runs on the Exadata Storage Server cell that it controls. The Restart Server, or RS, monitors the status of the cell and the Management Server and, as the name implies, is used to restart either of these in the event of a failure.
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This page intentionally left blank.
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Wohlers: Applying AutoCAD 2010
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The Basics
Figure 24.9 Displaying the message history of a selected message.
Run the application again to see the difference between wrap_content and fill_parent. Your new application should look like the following illustration when it is run.
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