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Enter the code for click.html into a file using your text editor (or, if you want the easy way, just copy click.html from the chapter2 folder of the downloadable code from this book), and store that file either on a web server that is accessible to your browser or just on disk. Now open your browser and navigate to click.html and click the page. You should see the dialog box that appears in Figure 2-5. Good job! Okay, that s one way to respond to browser events with inline JavaScript code. But as your JavaScript code gets larger and larger, it s going to be impossible to store inline. So what can you do You can use JavaScript functions, coming up next.
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Answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper. 1. Explain the purpose of the STRETCH command. 2. Using the SCALE command, what number would you enter to enlarge an object by 50% ...to enlarge it to 3 times its present size ...to reduce it to half of its present size 3. Explain how you would dynamically scale an object up or down. 4. Can you rotate an object dynamically Explain. 5. How would you specify a 90 clockwise rotation of an object accurately 6. Explain the purpose of the TRIM command. 7. Describe a situation in which the EXTEND command would be useful. 8. Explain the similarities between the EXTEND and JOIN commands.
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The whistler receiver works best out doors in open areas, with a vertical antenna of roughly 3 to 12 feet in height. It can also be used in wooded or obstructed areas with wire antennas between roughly 50 to 200 feet
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In a small Exchange deployment, only one routing group may be required; all servers would belong to that group and exchange messages directly using SMTP. In larger Exchange deployments, multiple routing groups may be required, especially when the company has many different locations, when network connectivity between these locations is not permanent or reliable, or when message routing between locations needs to be controlled or scheduled. Whenever you have more than one routing group, you need to install connectors to establish messaging connectivity between them. A connector is an Exchange component that enables messages to flow between two routing groups or between an Exchange organization and a foreign, downlevel, or third-party messaging system.
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Figure 6-3 No circuit board. It s ugly but effective
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Circulatory system
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Database Vault Fundamentals
The EXPLODE command gives you the ability to break up a polyline into individual line and arc segments. 1. Enter the UNDO command and select the Mark option. (We will return to this point at a later time.) 2. Pick the EXPLODE button on the Modify toolbar. 3. Select the polyline and press ENTER. Notice the message: Exploding this polyline has lost width information. The UNDO command will restore it. This is the result of applying EXPLODE to a polyline that contains a width other than the default. You now have an object that contains many line objects for easier editing, but you have lost the line width. 4. To illustrate that the drawing is now made up of several individual objects, pick one of them.
Creating the PHP
On the other hand, if the download operation did go okay, we can display the data and set the downloadWentOK variable to true:
If the user clicks the second button, a value of 2 is sent to the server, and the appropriate message comes back, as you see in Figure 3-8. Cool.
function % v = freefalLvelt : (t, m, cd) drag velocity drag. freefallvef with second-order bungee vefocity (t,m, cd) computes free-fa11 the of an object with
No, we can t do that. If check1 is not checked, trying to reference $_REQUEST["check1"] will cause an error (because check1 has no value in the $_REQUEST array). So, first we have to determine whether check1 has been checked. We can do this with the isset function, which determines whether array elements have been set and returns true if so (and false otherwise):
Android: A Programmer s Guide
Central Of ce Administration and Supervision
PSN-ADC-SERIAL Version II Board without WWV Timing Circuitry and Power Supply - Cost: $185.00 WWV Timing Option - Cost: $25.00 Garmin GPS 18 Timing System - Cost: $98.00 Power Supply Options: 110 VAC 60 Hz Wall Mounted Power Supply Cost: $10.00 Universal 110 VAC to 220 VAC 50 / 60 Hz Power Supply with one Adapter Plug - Cost: $25.00
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