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Great, that completes datadumper.php. In Figure 11-2, you can see it in action after the user enters some data in datadumper.html and clicks the Submit button. Note that datadumper .php has indeed correctly identified the data sent to it both single items and arrays. Not bad.
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39. Time in the Fossil Record when dinosaur bones were laid down (a) Dawn of Life (b) Pre-Cambrian Era (c) Paleozoic Era (d) Cosmic Creation (e) Mesozoic Era Possible explanation o ered for the relatively sudden extinction of the dinosaurs (a) Law of Hidden Evil (b) Might makes right! (c) Impact hypothesis (d) Cosmic Consciousness (e) Alien invasion hypothesis Appearance of Homo sapiens (a) About 400,000 to 1 million years ago (b) The Ice Age (c) Carboniferous Era (d) Stromatolite Period (e) Fish-like Age Monkeys, apes, and humans (a) Amphibians (b) Reptiles (c) Urochordates (d) Primates (e) Pterosaurs Stated the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection (a) James Watson (b) Charles O Connor (c) Charles Darwin (d) Gregor Mendel (e) Francis Crick By adaptation, it is meant that (a) The external environment provides a larger copy which animal genes follow (b) Certain patterns of Biological Order make particular organisms more t to survive in a given environment (c) A gradual process of destruction is unfolding (d) Natural Selection causes all body structures to deteriorate (e) Eat-or-be eaten always prevails!
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All normal muscles display a slight resistance to stretch even when fully relaxed. When stretched to their limit and released, they recoil, mainly because of the elasticity of the bers and their connective tissue sheaths. In addition, the trunk and proximal limb musculature is intermittently or constantly activated in the maintenance of attitudes and postures. To relax i.e., to completely disengage a muscle from all its natural activities requires practice and seems increasingly dif cult in the elderly, in whom it merges with oppositional, or paratonic, rigidity ( gegenhalten, page 63). A reduced innervation of muscle, atrophy, or loss of contracting bers are causes of hypotonia. In infants this state has come to be accepted as a mark of neuromuscular disease; the infant is said to be oppy. For this reason, the assessment of muscle tone is of special importance in infants (the oppy baby), but the testing of strength at this age is dif cult. Tone can be assessed by lifting the infant in a prone position; if the child is hypotonic, the head and legs cannot be supported against gravity and, therefore, dangle. Or, when held under the arms, the hypotonic infant slips through the examiner s hands. Andre-Thomas and colleagues introduced the terms passivite, to refer to the amplitude of the apping move ment of the hand or foot when the limb is shaken, and extensibilite, to denote the reduced resistance of a relaxed muscle to slow passive stretch. In our opinion, these are but different ways of testing muscle tone. Diminution in tone is observed in infants suffering from Werdnig-Hoffman disease or the congenital myopathies as well as in those with a benign type of hypotonia; diminished tone may also be seen in sickly infants with a variety of systemic diseases. In
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Figure 3-3
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CHAPTER 5 Cells: The Little Chambers
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13: Automating Apple Mail
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28. Advanced Dimensioning
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Capture the source code metrics for the custom scripts used for loads and extracts. Document the tools or scripts used to perform the loads and extracts and whether they are proprietary to the third-party source technology. Capture the ETL tools used for loads, extracts, or ongoing ETL; their complexity; connectivity and driver requirements; source databasespecific features used in ETL; and the tool support for Oracle databases.
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Part 7: Groups and Details
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CONGENITAL DEFORMITIES INVOLVING MUSCLE Congenital Fibrous Contractures of Muscle and Joint Deformities
and you will be taken to the default destination page. Using both the Login and CreateUserWizard controls, you can easily make a system for logging in and registering users. As soon as you place the Login control in the Visual Studio 2008 editor, it creates the ASPNETDB.MDF in the App_Data folder. Outside of Visual Studio 2008, you lose much of the development functionality. For example,
The CompareValidator control s main use is to compare two entry controls. For example, if you enter a password in a registration page, often you will be asked to enter the password a second time just to make sure that you have entered the password you want to use. The validator control uses the following operators:
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