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SELECT 'PRODUCT' variable_name, product variable_value FROM bi_tables.product_managers WHERE user_name = ':USER'
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Unfortunately, the public key algorithms require larger keys to achieve the same strength received from their symmetric key counterparts. Consequently, the public key algorithms perform more slowly and are more computationally expensive. Today, public key and symmetric key encryption are used together as a part of the standard SSL network protocol. SSL is the de facto standard encryption mechanism for data on the Internet. Due to its superior performance characteristics, symmetric key encryption is used within SSL for bulk data encryption. To transport the symmetric keys securely between the two parties, PKE is used to encrypt the symmetric keys. In Figures 2-2 and 2-3, the secret message is actually the symmetric encryption key. Public key technology gets more than its fair share of the attention considering that proportionately it actually encrypts a lot less data than symmetric key encryption. This is because the administrators and users have to interface directly with the public key technology. The symmetric key algorithms are neatly concealed and hidden from view.
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Once in a while, you will need to enable and disable NLB cluster members for maintenance and other purposes. Use the NLB Manager to do so: 1. Use the Global MMC to connect to a member of the NLB cluster (Remote Desktop | Connection Name). 2. Launch the NLB Manager (Start | Administrative Tools | NLB Manager). 3. Select Connect to Existing from the Cluster menu. 4. In the Connect dialog box, type in the name of a host, press Connect, then select the cluster name and click Finish.
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The database handles this additional requirement for more space by chaining the column and storing it out of line in the tablespace s free list. This chaining will not be noticed in many situations, especially those with tables that have a small number of rows (less than 10,000). When the tables you want to encrypt have greater data volumes, the chaining created by the encryption process will increase the load on the database s I/O subsystem by potentially doubling the number of read operations as it first reads the row data and then reads the encrypted column in a separate disk read. Knowing that the encryption operation can lead to a slightly greater load on the CPU and storage subsystem gives you some specific areas for preproduction testing. Often, a simple reorganization of the table can be the easiest solution to chaining. In very highly available environments with mission-critical applications, online redefinition should be considered because it takes the effected table offline for only an instant. DBAs will often reorganize a table by first exporting the data (exp or datapump) to pull data out of the existing table, dropping the old cleartext table, and then creating a new table with the sensitive columns encrypted (usually in a newly created tablespace). Reloading the contents of the export into the newly created secure table resolves the row-chaining problem. This technique also takes care of any unencrypted artifacts (unencrypted data left in their original data block while newly encrypted blocks are stored in free space) that may remain in datafiles. The caveat to this approach is that it can require quite a bit of time for large tables, and the table will be unavailable while the process is being carried out. NOTE It is definitely a best-practice to reorganize any table that has been modified to include an encrypted column including tables not originally defined as having an encrypted column and tables with encrypted columns added. Another technique to use is online redefinition. First introduced with 9i, online redefinition allows for reorganization to take place. But instead of the database administrator doing the work of creating the new structure, loading data from the old table into the new, and dropping the old and renaming the new, it instructs the database to handle the whole process and doesn t require a manual process. To make an in-place, online redefinition of our example table, customer, you would follow these steps to create the table shown in the example: 1. EXECUTE dbms_redefinition.can_redef_table ('SH', 'CUSTOMER'); 2. CREATE TABLE sh.customer_stage as SELECT * FROM sh.customer; 3. ALTER TABLE sh.customer_stage MODIFY (cust_credit_card_no encrypt); 4. EXECUTE dbms_redefinition.start_redef_table ('SH', 'CUSTOMER', 'CUSTOMER_ STAGE'); 5. EXECUTE dbms_redefinition.finish_redef_table ('SH', 'CUSTOMER', 'CUSTOMER_ STAGE'); Example:
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