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Closely related to Parkinson disease but with a different pathologic basis is a state designated by Adams and colleagues as striatonigral
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Oracle also announced that the newly renamed Oracle Linux will now support two different Linux kernels. One kernel is designed to be 100 percent compatible with Red Hat Linux. Another kernel, termed the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (UEK), includes a wide range of enhancements that contribute to significant performance gains, such as 1.8 times more OLTP transactions per second, as claimed by Oracle. These enhancements were added to the Linux kernel in order to support the type of high-performance, modern components that make up the Exadata Database Machine. For instance, the UEK supports memory affinity, which ensures that a particular server node will use the co-located memory rather than memory on another node a change that could mean a performance benefit of an order of magnitude. The Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel includes many other enhancements, such as better support for Infiniband and flash memory, which also contribute to improved performance. You can choose either Linux kernel when you install Linux for the Exadata Database Machine, although the Unbreakable Linux Kernel will initially only be available for database nodes in the X2-8 version of the Database Machine. With the improved performance delivered by the new kernel, it is a natural choice for use on the X2-8 database nodes. Please note that the features that make the Unbreakable Enterprise Linux Kernel different have all been submitted for inclusion in the open-source version of Linux. Oracle Linux, with either kernel, is still completely open source.
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Data Binding
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46: Documenting Solid Models
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Sure enough, when you run this command in a script, AppleScript activates TextEdit, if it s already running; if TextEdit isn t running, AppleScript launches TextEdit and then activates it. But to get beyond this, we ll use the dictionary. Let s start by looking up the make command.
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