The Buy-and-Hold Myth in Software

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Once you have confirmed that the IIS Admin service has started, close the Services folder and go back to the Administrative Tools folder shown in Figure 15-3. Next, choose the Internet Information Services shortcut to open the Internet Information Services dialog box shown in Figure 15-6. Click the + sign next to the local computer name (mine is JAKXP; yours is likely different) and then click the + sign next to the Web Sites folder below it. Figure 15-7 shows a subfolder named Default Web Site. If Default Web Site is followed by a parenthetical indicating it is stopped, rightclick Default Web Site and choose Start from the shortcut menu.
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Part 9: Solid Modeling
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The Gira e ORDER TABLE for 6 (Key Text Facts About Biological Order Within An Organism)
Metastatic deposits may produce any of these syndromes. Adapted by permission from Bingas.
2. In the Base Point area, pick the Pick point button. 3. Snap to the center point of the head of the screw. This de nes the base point for subsequent insertions of the screw head. 4. In the Objects area, pick the Convert to block radio button and then pick the Select objects button. 5. Select the entire screw head and press ENTER. In the Objects area, AutoCAD displays 6 objects selected. The Retain option retains the selected objects as distinct objects in the drawing after you create the block. Convert to block converts the selected objects to a block instance in the drawing after you create the block. Delete deletes the selected objects from the drawing after you create the block. (The block de nition remains in the drawing database.) 6. In the Settings area, review the options available for the Block unit. 7. Set Block unit at Unitless; do not add a description. You have just created a new block de nition. 8. In the Name text eld, type at and pick the OK button.
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ASP.NET 3.5: A Beginner s Guide
Secure Coding Practices in APEX
The world is full of nervous, tense, apprehensive, and worried people. The stresses of contemporary society are often blamed for their plight. The poet W. H. Auden referred to his era as the age of anxiety, and little has changed since then. Medical historians have identi ed comparable periods of pervasive anxiety dating back to the time of Marcus Aurelius and Constantine, when societies were undergoing rapid and profound changes and individuals were assailed by an overwhelming sense of insecurity, personal insigni cance, and fear of the future (Rosen). Like lassitude and fatigue, nervousness, irritability, and anxiety are among the most frequent symptoms encountered in of ce and hospital practice. A British survey found that more than 40 percent of the population, at one time or another, experienced symptoms of severe anxiety, and about 5 percent suffered from lifelong anxiety states (Lader). The vast amounts of antianxiety
Database rolling upgrades The Data Guard standby database can be used to perform rolling database upgrades with near-zero downtime. The standby database is upgraded while the primary is still servicing production loads, and the primary database is switched over to the standby, with minimal interruption. Migrate to the Database Machine Data Guard can be used to migrate Oracle databases to the Database Machine with minimal downtime, using the physical or the logical standby database. The standby database will be instantiated on the Exadata Database Machine and then switched over to the primary role, allowing the migration to happen with the flip of a switch. Refer to 10 for further details. Data corruption detection and prevention The Data Guard Apply process can detect corruptions, and also provide mechanisms to automatically recover from corruptions. This topic is discussed in detail later in the chapter. User error protection You can induce a delay in the Redo Apply process to queue the transactions for a specified period (delay) before they are applied on the standby database. The delay provides you with the ability to recover from user or application errors on the primary database, since the corruption does not immediately get propagated and can be repaired by using a pristine copy from the standby.
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