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Ordinate dimensions, also known as datum dimensions, are similar to baseline dimensions in that both use a datum, or reference, dimension. A datum is a surface, edge, or point that is assumed to be exact. One basic difference between baseline dimensions and ordinate dimensions is appearance. Baseline dimensioning uses conventional dimension lines, whereas ordinate
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We executed the first step and the report is inserted into the migration wizard to be processed. As indicated by the Change button, in the first step, we could have gone into the WAD template and made a change to the template before the migration process if we wanted to adjust the description or some other parameters within the WAD template. Once we are through with Step 1, we can then execute Step 2. In this step, we identify whether we would like the system to generate the XML and all the other components of the WAD template, such as the graphics, different style sheets, and XHTML conversion. These options for both Step 1 and 2 are shown in the following illustration.
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The folder doesn t exist in the file system. A document of the same name is already lurking in the folder.
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supraclinoid aneurysm near the anterior and middle cerebral bifurcation or the ophthalmic-carotid bifurcation. Whether a small leak of blood from an aneurysm may serve as a warning sign of rupture ( warning leak ) has been disputed. We have seen several cases where an acute and severe exertional or spontaneous headache was found to be associated with a small subarachnoid hemorrhage that was discovered by lumbar puncture; more often the headache is unrelated to hemorrhage and is attributable to migraine. This latter thunderclap headache, which may be a variant of migraine, is discussed on page 160. A headache similar to that caused by subarachnoid hemorrhage may also be the re ection of pituitary apoplexy, cerebral venous thrombosis, hypertensive encephalopathy, intracranial hypotension, intracranial arterial dissection, and a condition characterized by diffuse cerebral vasospasm. This last entity may be spontaneous or due to the ingestion of sympathomimetic or serotoninergic drugs (see further on, under Diffuse and Focal Cerebral Vasospasm. The details of the CSF examination assume great importance in the diagnosis of subarachnoid hemorrhage and the exclusion of the disorders mentioned above. Vasospasm Delayed hemiplegia and other focal de cits usually appear 3 to 12 days after rupture and rarely before or after this period. These delayed syndromes and the focal narrowing of a large artery or arteries, seen on angiography, are referred to as vasospasm. Fisher and coworkers have shown that spasm is most frequent in arteries surrounded by the largest collections of clotted subarachnoid blood. The vasospasm appears to be a direct effect of blood or some blood product, possibly hematin or a platelet product, on the adventitia of the artery. Areas of ischemic infarction in the territory of the vessel bearing the aneurysm, without thrombosis or other changes in the vessel, is the usual nding in such cases. These ischemic lesions are often multiple and occur with great frequency, according to Hijdra and associates (in 57 of 176 prospectively studied patients and a comparable number in large series collected before more modern approaches to treatment became available). After a few days, arteries in chronic spasm undergo a series of morphologic changes. The smooth muscle cells of the media become necrotic, and the adventitia is in ltrated with neutrophilic leukocytes, mast cells, and red blood corpuscles, some of which have migrated to a subendothelial position (Chyatte and Sundt). We favor the idea that these changes are caused by products of hemolyzed blood seeping inward from the pia-arachnoid into the muscularis of the artery. The clinical features of cerebral vasospasm depend on the affected blood vessel but typically include a uctuating hemiparesis or aphasia and increasing confusion that must be distinguished from the effects of hydrocephalus (see below). In the past, an arteriogram was required to verify the diagnosis, although it is not often performed now because of the slight associated risk of worsening vascular spasm and the ease with which the condition can be recognized by its clinical presentation. Severe vasospasm can be visualized with MRA and spinal CT techniques. Transcranial Doppler measurements are an indirect and easier way of following, by observations of blood ow velocity, the caliber of the main vessels at the base of the brain. Almost all patients have a greatly increased velocity of blood ow in the affected vessel that can be detected by this method in the days after hemorrhage. However, progressive elevation of ow velocity in any one vessel (especially if over 175 cm/s) suggests that focal vasospasm is occurring. There is a reasonable correlation between these ndings and the radio-
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13. Which of the following network connections requires a crossover cable code 128 checksum
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follow your timing rules and you must be determined to let your timing system have sufficient time to work its wonders. Those timers that preserve are the ones that survive. Self-confidence. If you believe in the market timing approach that you ve selected, and you re able to feel comfortable using that method, then you are better able to stay the course. Having a strong self image and having your ego under control are critically important characteristics that lend themselves to a successful market timing outcome. Independent thinking. You must be able to think for yourself and not be swayed by your friends, coworkers, or by popular opinion. You need to turn a deaf ear to all that noise and concentrate on your selected investment approach. A realistic outlook. Your market timing system will not equal the performance of the buy-and-hold strategy every year, especially during multiyear bull runs. That is why you need to give your timing strategy years to work. Using it for six months and then chucking it out the window is not the way to use a strategy. Moreover, you may feel concerned that only 40 to 50 percent of your trades are profitable. That s not a problem as long as the profits on your winning trades exceed the losses on your losing trading by at least a factor of 2 to 1. Moreover, you may experience runs of three to four losses in a row, and once in a while you may have 14 losses out of 15 trades. This outcome can happen, but, it is hoped, not often. As you will see with one of the timing techniques mentioned in 10 using the Value Line 4% strategy, such an unlucky streak did occur in the year 2000. Overall, market timing will minimize your loss of principal in bear markets. That s where market timing shines, and that s why you must realize that your strategy overall will beat or equal buy-and-hold with less risk. Quick decision-making capability. You must remain resolved to execute the signals given to you by your market timing system. That means you need to act on every buyand-sell signal with your investment vehicle (for example, a sector fund, index fund, or exchange-traded fund) the day the signal is given. At the very latest, you need to act by the
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5/2 = 20/8 and 3/2 = 12/8 If we add these two equations to each other by adding their left and right sides individually, we get 5/2 + 3/2 = 20/8 + 12/8 which simplifies to 8/2 = 32/8, and further to 4 = 4. We can subtract the second equation from the first, and get 5/2 3/2 = 20/8 12/8 which simplifies to 2/2 = 8/8, and further to 1 = 1.
where outvar'= the name of the output variable,furcr.rme = the function's name, into valuesthat are passed list argt)st = the function'sargument (i.e.,comma-delirnited = regarding the reTpcornnerts tcxt thatprovides userwith infbrmation tlre the function.l, window),and can be invokedby typing t1elp f uncnane in the cornmand function(lhese thitt to that the srare.mL-lLs= MATLAB statements compute r,.r-/uer is assigned ourvar. called the Beyondits role in describing function,the first line ol'the he/pcorrurrcnts, by the Hl line, is the line that is searched the lookf or command(recallSec.2.6).Thus, you shoulcl wclrds related the file on this line. to includekey descriptive The functioncan thenbe run by typing The M-flle shouldbe savedas furrcnarne.m. window asillustrated the fbllowingexarnple. Note thateven in in f uncname thecommand your computer'soperatingsystem may not be. though MATLAB is case-sensitivc. n l W h e r e a s A T L A B w o u l dt r e a tf u n c t i o n a r n e si k e f r : e el a l l v e i a n d F ' r e c t r a l l v e l a s M your operatingsystemmight not. two diff'erentvariables,
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