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GROWING UP LOMBARDI My relationship with my father was probably a lot like that of other people who spent any amount of time with Vince Lombardi although, in my case, a bit more intense. The feelings generated within those relationships covered the emotional spectrum, ranging from respect and love on the one hand to intense dislike on the other. And with my father, you could walk that entire spectrum in the course of a five-minute conversation. I recall vividly an episode that occurred when I was a freshman at the then-College (now University) of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. I had gone to school early for football practice, but I had hurt my knee and wasn t playing. This was frustrating for me. It was mid-September, the season was underway, and I wanted to be out there practicing with my teammates. One of those September weekends, the Green Bay Packers, with Coach Lombardi, came to Minneapolis to play the Vikings. I had spent my summers over the last few years doing chores at the Packer training camps, and I had stood on the sidelines at dozens of Packer games, watching the team earn its reputation as the best in pro football. I knew many of the players well, and some I considered my friends. So I looked forward to seeing them again, as I limped into the lobby of the hotel where they were staying. I wasn t disappointed. A group of Packers who were waiting to check in greeted me warmly and gave me all kinds of sympathy for my injured knee.
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44 Review & Activities
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39: The Third Dimension
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where h : the spacingbetweenpoints. ,l9.5 EXAMPLE Usingu, .riii+rL for Differentiotion the that Problem Stotement. Use the qiradient tunctionto diflbrentiate samef'unction we analvzedin Example 19.4with the di tf function. a Solution. In the samefashionas Exanrple19.4,we can generate seriesof equally variables: and valuesof the independent dependent spaced > > f - @( x ) A . 2 + 2 5 * x - 2 0 O * x . ^ 2 + 6 15 * x . ^ 3 9 0 0 * x . ^ 4 + 40 t J * x .^ 5 ; > > x = 0 : 0 . 1 : O .B ; Y I rl; We can then use the graclient function to determinethe derivativesas >> dv_sradient1y,0.1) ^.,
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8. Save the script under a name of your choice. 9. Press z-R or click the Run button on the toolbar to run the script. You ll see Word open,
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Coordinating the Heavens
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Finally, create a Click event procedure for the Paste toolbar button so it calls the Click event procedure of the Edit | Paste menu item (mnuEditPaste):
tactile roughness, coarse rhytides, skin laxity or tone, sallowness or yellowing, and overall features. In another study, patients applied 5% vitamin C cream to their neck and forearms for 6 months. Results showed a signi cant decrease in deep furrows, which was objectively proven with silicon replicas.39 In a third study, punch-biopsies were performed to show increased hydration in areas treated with 10% L-ascorbic acid.40 Since topical L-ascorbic acid can be very unstable at neutral pH or in ambient air, yet irritating at acid pH, a number of lipid-soluble ester formulations have been developed for cosmetic usage. Besides L-ascorbic acid, the forms most commonly used in cosmetics are ascorbyl-6-palmitate and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate.41 Ascorbyl-6-palmitate has been reported to serve as both an antioxidant and an anti-in ammatory formulation, helping to decrease erythema when applied after UV exposure.42 In vitro, studies of ascorbyl palmitate demonstrated reduced levels of ROS following UVB radiation, but cautioned that it may increase lipid peroxidation through its lipid component.43 The use of oil-in-water emulsions may be helpful in optimizing its delivery.44 Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate has also been studied in vitro and was found to penetrate the epidermis where it is successfully converted to L-ascorbic acid.45 There it is able to promote collagen synthesis and wound healing,46 lighten dyschromias,47 and protect against UVB induced tumor formation in the skin.45 Figure 3.3 demonstrates before and after 2 months using a proprietary 6% magnesium ascorbyl phosphate product. Sodium ascorbyl phosphate has been shown to improve acne and acne scarring.48,49 Recently a new formulation called tetra-isopalmitoyl ascorbic acid has been introduced and shown to reduce production of interleukin 1-alpha and prostaglandin E2 in UVB-irradiated keratinocytes, while also suppressing pigmentation in areas of topical application.50 Many other derivatives of vitamin C exist, including calcium ascorbate, magnesium ascorbate, and sodium ascorbate. Practical application of the science of vitamin C has resulted in its use in cosmeceutical protocols as antioxidant and antipigment agents, usually adjunctive to the use of sun protection in a comprehensive skin care regime to brighten and rejuvenate sun damaged skin.
General Examination
Own your habits. Search out and identify your beliefs and the habits that grow out of them. Use your courage. When necessary, pick flight but otherwise, be brave. Fight! Embrace your passion. Jump into your passion with both feet and bring others along with you. Be prepared to sacrifice. Sacrifice and self-denial lie behind every success. Demand total commitment. Demand it first from yourself and then from others around you. Weed out the uncommitted. The organization that wins is populated by winners. Work at it. Don t buy the myth of the overnight success. Invest in your talent. Be disciplined on and off the field. Discipline takes different forms, but it always pertains. Be mentally tough. Use your toughness to beat setbacks. Use your toughness to seek out new challenges.
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Evaluate relational expressions
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