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Teaching in K 12 Schools
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The tube manuals lists the filament current at 260 mA. A voltmeter will show that the filament battery voltage drops about .2 volt over 15 to 20 minutes of operation. The batteries will last quite a long time. As for B+, a stack of 9 volt transistor radio batteries produced about 97 volts. With the receiver fired up and properly adjusted, the current draw was only 4 mA, significantly less than what a transistor radio battery is capable of delivering. After several minutes, the B+ battery dropped to 95.9 volts, so you can expect to get long life out of this battery pack. Several changes of filament batteries will be needed before the B+ battery dies. So how does a Doerle radio receiver perform For such a simple radio, it performs very well. Just a quick run through the band allowed me to copy amateur CW and marine Morse code. The foreign shortwave broadcasters came blasting-in. Improvements Yes, I can think of some. First, a volume control would be useful. I suspect that radio stations today run far more power than they did in the 30s. Therefore, the signals in the headphones are so loud as to be painful. A volume control would be useful to cut some signals down to size. I find the tuning a little too fast. Tuning a single sideband signal in is touchy and difficult in some cases. This could be fixed by going to five pin coils forms where the tuning capacitor could be attached to a tap in the tuning coil. Such a modification, however, changes the Doerle kit which was built for shortwave listeners, not amateurs. If you re a ham, you ll probably want to modify the design so that a ham band is spread out along the whole dial. And the last change that I would make is to improve the antenna trimmer adjustment. Adjusting the trimmer with a screwdriver can be painful after awhile. You don t do it very often, but when necessary it s not a convenient thing.
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Figure 7-3
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Adding a Header, Adjusting Margins, and Displaying a Dialog Box
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Foreign bacteria
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Before we can begin with the speci cs of trading interest-rate options, we need to make sure we have a basic background in the underlying instruments. Interest-rate products are based on some type of bond, cash deposit, or loan rate. We ll focus mostly on the bond aspect as related to U.S. Treasury securities as the primary instruments for interest-rate trading and hedging. A bond is a term debt obligation to the issuer backed by the assets and/or revenue of the issuer. U.S. Treasuries are backed by the full faith and credit of the United States and the revenue stream from U.S. taxpayers. Through the years U.S. Treasuries have maintained one of the highest credit ratings in the world. However, recently there is a bit more risk associated with the skyrocketing U.S. national de cit, but the credit rating of U.S. Treasuries is not expected to move off AAA any time soon. U.S. Treasuries come in several varieties: U.S. Treasury bill. The Treasury bill, or T-bill, is a zero coupon bond issued for terms of one month to one year. The T-bill is considered to be the safest U.S. Treasury security because of the short term. T-bills are sold at auction by the Treasury Department and are usually purchased by institutions or governments. Most individuals purchasing T-bills are doing so in the secondary market that is, purchasing them from an institution although recently the U.S. Treasury has made T-bills available directly to the public. Since these bonds have no coupon interest rate, they are sold at a discount at their face value. The appreciation between the discount price and the par value or face value
Figure 8-4
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Command Rules
Directory of Education Organizations
Configuring SMTP Connectors
Using Dialog Boxes to Get User Input
| Regional Approach to Aesthetic Rejuvenation
Electronics is the art of controlling the electron, and semiconductors are the tools that make this possible. Semiconductor is the name given to the vast quantity of various components used to generate, transform, resist and control the flow of electrons in order to achieve some goal. If you have ever had the chance to look at a large main board from a device such as a computer or video player, then you would have seen the vast city of semiconductors interconnected by thousands of tiny wires scattered around the circuit board that holds them all in place. At first glance, this intricate city of complexity may be overwhelming and impossible to understand, but in reality, all of these semiconductors do a very basic task by themselves, and these tasks are not hard to understand once you know the basics. Even a very complex integrated circuit with hundreds of tiny pins, such as a 1 million gate FPGA, is nothing more than a collection of smaller semiconductors such as resistors and transistors densely packed into a microscopic area using state of the art manufacturing processes. Having an understanding of the most basic electronic building blocks will
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