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We can extend the SH.SALES transaction package from 5 to include a procedure named insert_product_cost that will be our trusted procedure to add new product costs:
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Two types of system integrations are supported by OIM: provisioning and reconciliation. Provisioning automates account creation from the OIM server to an application or resource using the data from the OIM repository. Reconciliation automates the creation of an OIM identity record based on an external source of identities (that is, a source of truth). Most often, OIM reconciles from an external human resources application as an authoritative source of employee data and then provisions to business productivity applications, such as email, intranet portals, and other ERP systems. Reconciliation is often driven by business events such as new hires, new customers, organizational changes, employee transfers, and so on. Since these business events are initiated in an ERP system, most often the Human Resources (HR) system, it makes sense to configure OIM to setup reconciliation with those systems so it can listen for relevant identity events. OIM uses two reconciliation styles: trusted source reconciliation and target resource reconciliation.
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Twenty-three: Weather Satellite Receiver
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Another common call buying strategy is purchasing out-of-themoney call options because they are limited risk and less expensive than an at-the-money call or an in-the-money call. Purchasing out of the money can be very effective in a market with a potential for increasing volatility or a substantial increase in underlying price. The lower price of out-of-the-money call options often encourages traders to purchase multiple options in place of an at-the-money or in-the-money purchase. By purchasing multiple options, it is possible to achieve a higher total delta than the single at-the-money or in-the-money option. Let s look at an example (see Figure 4.5) and go through a comparison of risk versus reward on buying outof-the-money calls.
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3. You are given a le containing the solid model and sectional view of the bushing and insert (problem 2 above). The manufacturing department needs a set of 2D working drawings. Create 2D front and side views of the bushing and insert. Save the drawing as ch46bushing2.dwg.
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When making data available via the Internet, our first and most obvious step is to decide exactly what information we want to make available to the public. (In the next chapter, we will focus on protecting the data in an Oracle BI system.) The next step is to minimize the public-facing components of the system itself. In the beginning of this chapter, we gave a quick overview of the architecture of the Oracle BI system. In particular, we detailed three major server components of the Oracle BI architecture: the BI server, the presentation server, and the presentation server plug-in. We have talked quite a bit about the presentation server and the BI server; however, we have not mentioned much about the presentation server plug-in. The purpose of this plug-in is to provide a component of the Oracle BI that resides in a web tier and can be isolated in a DMZ. Most importantly, this allows the presentation server and BI server to be deployed completely behind the firewall.
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