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able. Surgery may be effective in the rare case of localized cyst formation and cord compression. Severe radicular pain can be effectively relieved by posterior rhizotomy, but there is a strong tendency for the pain to return after an interval of several months or a year or two. For chronic adhesive lumbar arachnoiditis in which diffuse back and limb pain is the most distressing symptom, there is little effective surgical or medical treatment, although relief has reportedly been provided in isolated instances by painstaking microsurgical dissection of the lumbar roots. In some cases, the loculations return. Administration of corticosteroids, systemic and epidural, has not been consistently bene cial but may be tried. Immune suppressant medication such as azathioprine or interferons have been tried but not studied systematically. Transcutaneous stimulator treatment and gabapentin have also been used with inconsistent results.
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distal sites in the motor axon are active in cases of nerve compression and polyneuropathy. Occasional fasciculation potentials particularly in the calves, hands, and periocular or paranasal muscles occur in many normal persons. They can be almost constant for days or weeks on end, or even for years in some individuals, without weakness or wasting; therefore they need not be taken as evidence of disease (benign fasciculations). Certain quantitative features of fasciculations, such as brief duration and a consistent pattern and location of ring, favor benign over pathologic discharges. Shivering induced by low temperature and twitchings associated with low serum calcium levels are other forms of fasciculatory activity. Fasciculation potentials occur with great frequency in chronic, slowly advancing, destructive diseases of the anterior horn cells, such as ALS and progressive spinal muscular atrophy. In these diseases, both voluntary MUPs and fasciculation potentials may be of long duration (more than 15 ms) and of increased amplitude, indicating chronic denervation and reinnervation. They are seen often in the early stages of poliomyelitis but only occasionally in the chronic phase of the disease, perhaps because the affected cells die rapidly. When anterior horn cells degenerate once again in older individuals who had had poliomyelitis (postpolio syndrome), fasciculations may return. Occasionally, they are seen in one muscle as a result of a compressive anterior root lesion, such as those caused by a protruded intervertebral disc; large numbers of axons may be affected, with the result that the fasciculations (or even cramps) may be more prominent than with disease of anterior horn cells. Fasciculation potentials in lesser numbers are also observed with chronic nerve entrapments, e.g., ulnar neuropathy at the elbow and other peripheral nerve lesions and some polyneuropathies. In all these cases, the damaged neuron or its axon seems to leave intact axons in a state of hyperirritability. The blocking of axon conduction by local anesthesia does not abolish the fasciculation, but curare-like drugs do so. Less Common Types of Spontaneous Electrical Activity (See Chap. 55) One of these is myokymia (pages 1194 and 1278), a persistent quivering and rippling of muscles at rest ( live esh ). The EMG picture is distinctive. The spontaneously ring MUPs are called myokymic potentials or discharges and consist of groups of repetitive discharging units, each ring at its own rate, quasirhythmically, usually several times per second, followed by an even briefer period of silence. The small motor unit discharges may occur singly or as doublets, triplets, or multiplets. The site of generation of this activity has also been contested, possibly because it may arise from several sites, but always the site is peripheral, not central, and is believed to correspond to an alteration in the calcium concentration in the microenvironment of the motor axon. Spontaneous discharges arising in large myelinated bers have been implicated in the genesis of myokymia; indeed, demyelinating polyneuropathies are among the conditions that give rise to this phenomenon. Myokymia is also caused by peripheral nerve hyperexcitability due to both potassium channel mutations and antibodies against the channels. This activity may be blocked by lidocaine infusion around the peripheral nerve and may be diminished by carbamazepine or phenytoin. In the syndrome of continuous muscle ber activity or Isaacs syndrome (page 1278), which is actually a generalized form of myokymia, EMG discloses high-frequency (up to 300-Hz) repetitive discharges of varying waveforms. Focal and segmental myokymias differ in small ways from the generalized form of myokymia with regard to the timing and du-
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Rocker Arm
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Branches are created by forming glycosidic linkages with both the 4- and 6hydroxyl groups of the glucose residue at the branch point. The glycogen polymer is very large and contains multiple branches.
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Medical librarians organize and administer collections of books and journals. An enormous amount of literature is published in the medical field, probably more than in any other. It is estimated that approximately nine thousand medical journals are published annually. Duties of the medical librarian include:
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Iterotive Methods 264 l2.l Lineor 264 Systems: Gouss-Seidel ,l2.2 N o n l i n e oS y s t e m s2 7 0 r 1 2 . 3 C o s eS t u d vC h e m i c oR e o c t i o n s 7 7 : l 2 P r o b l e m s2 7 9
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T h e r e s u l t s oE x a m p l e s6 . l t h r o u g h 6 . 3 a r e s u m m a r i z e d i n F i l 6 . 4 . N o t i c e t h e p r o f l l g. gressiveimprovementof the flt as we move from linear to quaclratic cubic splines.We to a polynomialou Fig. 16.4c.Although the cubic have also superirnposed cubic interpolating spline consistsof a seriesof third-ordercurves,the resultingfit differs fronr that obtained usingthe third-orderpolynomial.This is due to the fact that the naturalsplinerequireszerir secondderivativesat the end knots. whereas cubic polvnomial has no such constraint. the
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Morph and Mix
When you finish the New Account Wizard, Outlook Express will start and you will be prompted to select which IMAP folders you want to display. Double-click on Public Folders and all folders under it and click OK. Now right-click on the Public Folders node in the Folders pane and select New Folder from the shortcut menu. Enter Projects as the name of the new top-level public folder and make sure it is visible under the Public Folders node. After you create the new top-level folder, Outlook Express should appear similar to the view shown in Figure 18.5.
recipient type A recipient in the To field is a to recipient, a recipient in the Cc field is a cc recipient, and a recipient in the Bcc field is a bcc recipient. Entourage also supports a fourth type, the newsgroup recipient, which you don t use with messages. address This property returns an address object that contains the name and e-mail address for the recipient. Each of these has a straightforward property name: display name for the name, and address for the e-mail address.
In the getData function, we start by creating an XMLHttpRequest object:
Note For BI-IP Planning applications are typically created for the InfoProvider level: plan data is generally recorded with other data and later evaluated. If you create comments that are also to be visible for the analysis, you have to choose InfoProvider level for the planning application.
To verify that the command was successful, type: net time /querysntp This should return the three new time sources as the result.
The main feature of myasthenia gravis, referred to simply as myasthenia, is a uctuating weakness of certain voluntary muscles, particularly those innervated by motor nuclei of the brainstem, i.e., ocular, masticatory, facial, deglutitional, and lingual. Manifest weakening during continued activity, quick restoration of power with rest, and dramatic improvement in strength following the administration of anticholinesterase drugs such as neostigmine are the other notable characteristics of the weakness. Historical Note Several students of medical history af rm that Willis, in 1672, gave an account of a disease that could be none other than myasthenia gravis. Others give credit to Wilks (1877) for the rst description and for having noted that the medulla was free of disease, in distinction to other types of bulbar paralysis. The rst reasonably complete accounts were those of Erb (1878), who characterized the disease as a bulbar palsy without an anatomic lesion, and of Gold am (1893); for many years thereafter, the disorder was referred to as the Erb-Gold am syndrome. Jolly (1895) was the rst to use the name myasthenia gravis, to which he added the term pseudoparalytica to indicate the lack of structural changes at autopsy. Also it was Jolly who demonstrated that myasthenic weakness could be reproduced in affected patients by repeated faradic stimulation of the relevant motor nerve and that the fatigued muscle would still respond to direct galvanic stimulation of its membrane. Interestingly, he suggested the use of physostigmine as a form of treatment, but there the matter rested until Reman, in 1932, and Walker, in 1934, demonstrated the therapeutic value of the drug. Campbell and Bramwell (1900) and Oppenheim (1901) each analyzed over 60 cases and crystallized the clinical concept of the disease. The relationship between myasthenia gravis and tumors of the thymus gland was rst noted by Laquer and Weigert in 1901, and in 1949 Castleman and Norris gave the rst detailed account of the pathologic changes in the gland. In 1905 Buzzard published a careful clinicopathologic analysis of the disease, commenting on both the thymic abnormalities and the in ltrations of lymphocytes (called lymphorrhages) in muscle. He postulated that an autotoxic agent caused the muscle 1250
muscular de nition already and just want to increase your muscle mass something for which all reasonable bodybuilders should strive then eat only a few extra calories above your energy needs. The same with protein: eat just a little extra to allow for the muscle growth you have stimulated to take place. All of this is easy to accept if you keep in mind that most bodybuilders won t gain even ten pounds of muscle a year; you shouldn t expect to see weight gains every time you step on a scale either. Muscle growth is a relatively slow process, and overeating won t hasten it along. Overeating just builds fat not muscle something you should make every effort to avoid. A former bodybuilding champion of my acquaintance has been quoted as saying that diet is responsible for 75 percent of a bodybuilder s success. With all due respect to the physique champion, I must say that he was spreading it a bit thick with that one. A bodybuilder can follow the world s most perfect diet, and if his training is de cient, he will never make the gains he could be making. The reverse, however, is not true; muscle has been shown to grow even on a starvation diet if the training stimulation is of suf cient intensity. Diet is incredibly simple as long as a reasonable effort is made to eat well-balanced meals. Be a bodybuilder not a health food or supplement fanatic. They re two separate animals.
Wrinkle formation is one of the major clinical manifestations of hand photoaging. It may be addressed by multiple product and technology treatments. Application of nightly
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