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The rocker arm shown in Fig. P1-1 was submitted to your manufacturing company as a hand sketch. The basic design has been approved, and now the marketing department needs an electronic version of the drawing for use in a new product brochure. The drawing must re ect the actual dimensions of the rocker arm, although for this use, it is not necessary to show the dimensions on the drawing. Your task is to draw the rocker arm accurately using the AutoCAD commands and procedures you learned in Part 1. Be sure to read the Hints and Suggestions for this project before you begin. Save the drawing as rockerarm.dwg in your named folder.
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11. Wrist curls:
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If an acetate (CH3CO 2 ) and acetic acid (CH3CO2H) buffer had been used, the only base present would be acetate, and it would have to get the proton.
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1. Determine which drive will be the master (see the Choosing a Master From the Classroom for more information). 2. Locate the master/slave jumpers, which can be found on the bottom of the drive or, more commonly, on the end by the power and ribbon cable connectors. In Figure 2-1, the jumpers are located to the left of the power connector and the jumper settings are indicated by the standard settings information on the label. 3. Use the drive label information to determine which jumper settings to use for a master or a slave configuration. 4. Set this drive as a master using the jumper(s). 5. Using the procedure explained in 1, Exercise 1-2, physically install this drive on the end of the ribbon cable and secure it to an available drive bay. 6. Using the proper jumper setting, configure the second drive as a slave. 7. Install the second drive in the middle of the ribbon cable. Your hard drive setup should look similar to the one shown in Figure 2-2. Note the position of the hard drives on the ribbon cable.
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In the earliest days of the internet web pages were primarily, a static, read-only medium used to share information. The most interaction a user had with a web application was clicking a link. Today, modern web applications have evolved to the point that there is an almost continuous twoway stream of information between a user s web browser and the application server. I d like to emphasize almost continuous because it s important to understand the true nature of the HTTP Protocol as it relates to modern web applications. HTTP is a stateless protocol as a persistent connection is not maintained between the client web browser and the HTTP server. In contrast, traditional client-server applications maintain a persistent connection between the client and the server. The actions of the HTTP protocol are often defined in terms of request, response. I like to add a third term and describe it as request, response, disconnect. The emphasis on disconnect helps developers understand the true nature of the technology they are working with. Consider the impact of removing the network connection would have on a web application compared to a client-server application. The stateful client-server application would know immediately if the
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