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Adapted from the textbook Drafting Fundamentals by Scott, Foy, and Schwendau
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1. A. You would reboot the system in Safe mode, go to the Device Manager, and roll back the system to the older drivers. B, running the Emergency Repair Process is premature at this point because a driver is malfunctioning, not the operating system. C. You would only replace NTLDR if the operating system had become corrupt, making this the incorrect answer. D. ASD is used only in Windows 9x and would not apply in Windows XP. 2. C. Start the computer using the boot disk and enter the command SYS C:. This command replaces the IO.SYS file on the hard drive with a good copy from the boot disk. A, start the computer in Safe mode and replace IO.SYS from the boot or installation disk, is incorrect. If the IO.SYS file is corrupted, the computer cannot even begin to load the OS, so you will not even reach the point where you can elect to boot in Safe mode. B, start the computer using the boot disk and elect to use the emergency repair process, is incorrect. The emergency repair process exists for Windows 2000 only. Windows 2000 does not use the IO.SYS file, so it cannot produce IO.SYS-related errors. D, start the computer using the boot disk and enter the command FDISK/MBR, is also incorrect. Although this command could help resolve boot errors caused by a bad MBR, it will not replace or repair a corrupted IO.SYS file. 3. C. Run the Repair process from the installation CD. This will allow you to choose and repair system files. You should install the NTLDR file from the installation CD. A, should not be your first choice because a reinstallation will initialize all your operating system, and it has not been determined if that s needed yet. B, Use the Recovery Console is incorrect because the Recovery Console is a Windows 2000 and Windows XP capability and is not available on Windows NT 4. B, SYSTEM.INI, is incorrect because errors in this file typically result in the following error message: A device referenced in SYSTEM.INI could not be found. Furthermore, like CONFIG.SYS, SYSTEM.INI contains parameters and settings, not commands. D, Running the Repair process from the GUI is not an option. You need the operating system loaded in order to load the GUI. 4. A. The computer generates an Error in CONFIG.SYS line 42 message. This message indicates a problem within the CONFIG.SYS file. You can use the System Configuration Editor to open the CONFIG.SYS file and view, correct, or remove line 42. B, the swap file is corrupted, is incorrect because the System Configuration Editor allows you to access legacy configuration files only. These files are AUTOEXEC.BAT, CONFIG.SYS, SYSTEM.INI, WIN.INI, and PROTOCOL.INI. For this reason, C and D are also incorrect
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Superior canal
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the distribution of the initial bias is b(0) N (0, Pb0 ). The plant state vector is x = [p, v, b]. The implemented navigation equations are p(t) = v (t) (t) = a(t) v (4.143)
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Visual Basic 2005 can do your arithmetic, and because a computer is involved, it s much faster and more accurate than any human! Even better, the code is relatively easy to write, because the syntax for arithmetic is quite similar to how you would write the arithmetic calculation on paper or how you would use a calculator. Table 5-1 lists the arithmetic operators.
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Automatic Axis Labeling
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As you can see, other than the Ajax controls, everything else is like a normal web site. You use the same CSS, and the non-Ajax controls have the same properties as for a non-Ajax site. All this Ajax web site has that is different from others in this book is the UpdatePanel control, ContentTemplate property, and ScriptManager control. When you test the web site in Visual Studio 2008, enter as much text as you want in the TextBox. Then click the button and watch the results appear in the Label control. Figure 17-2 shows what you should see. The difference you will see is that the contents of the TextBox that you entered appear almost instantaneously in the Label control. Test the page a few more times to see how
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What Keywords Are
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CHAPTER 18 The Respiratory System
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3 / Microcontrollers and PIC Programming
Consider the system of equations we solved in Answer 27-6: y = (x + 1)2
In Fig. 20-5, how can we determine the slope of line PR The y-intercept
eqns. (8.101) and (8.102) can be written in meters as ( 1 + 2 ) n + Ecm Ia + (N2 + N1 ) n n n + 1 + 2 1 2 = + Ecm + Ia + (N1 N2 ) w w w + 1 2 1 2 =
Insurance bene ts for administrators and supervisors (except superintendents) are grouped together because they are usually the same. They are at least comparable to, and normally better than, those provided for teachers. Bene ts and the percentage of districts providing them appear in Table 3.5. The percentage of districts that pay the full cost of a particular bene t also is noted. Not reported is the percentage of districts offering family coverage for each of the health bene ts. It, too, varies by the district s per-pupil expenditure. Married candidates for an administrative position should ask about coverage for dependents.
Figure 11-1. The fth lumbar vertebra viewed from above (A) and from the side (B).
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