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The data used to fill the DataGridView cannot come directly from the hard drive where the database is stored. Instead, an intermediate step is required. The data from the hard drive first must be loaded into memory, or RAM. Then, the data in RAM is loaded into the DataGridView. N OTE This approach has advantages. For example, it frees the application from having to exactly replicate the physical data and instead work with subsets, supersets, calculated fields, and so forth. A DataSet is a representation of the data (in this case, from several fields of the Customers table, which is stored in RAM). The DataSet class is part of the System.Data namespace, so you should add an Imports System.Data statement, if you did not do so already earlier in this chapter in the section Importing Data Namespaces :
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Figure 4-7
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of 1,000 MHz is a gigahertz (GHz); and a frequency of 1,000 GHz is a terahertz (THz).
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8. In the Aperture Size area, slightly increase the size of the aperture using the slider bar. 9. Pick the Apply and OK buttons. 10. Pick the OK button in the Drafting Settings dialog box.
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Returning Data from Functions
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The key point about information stores is that they are managed as a single unit (in fact, each storage group is managed as a separate server process). You configure circular logging and locate transaction logs at the storage-group level, and these are the primary considerations determining the number of storage groups you should use. Generally speaking, try to use only one storage group (the default First Storage Group), if possible (to keep administration simple). Create multiple data stores within this storage group, if necessary; once you
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SELECT CustomerNumber, CustomerFirstName, CustomerLastName, CustomerStreet, CustomerCity, CustomerState, CustomerZip, CustomerCtry FROM Customers WHERE Sales = 50000
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<h1>Using Server Variables</h1> <form method="post" action="servervariables.php"> Please enter your name: <input type="text" name="name"> <br> <br> <input type="submit" value="Submit"> </form> </center> </body> </html> data matrix
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You can see the results in Figure 11-7. Nice.
Basic Concepts in Biochemistry
method. Every control has a DataBind() function that binds (links) the data source to the control. The control then displays the data once the data source is bound to the control. Connecting to the database, running the query, and binding the control to the data source typically occurs once in your application. It makes sense to do this when the page is loaded. Therefore, place the code that links to the data in the Page-Load subroutine as shown here. This example connects to the Microsoft SQL Server database, but you can connect to another database, as illustrated in 10. This example begins by declaring SqlConnection, SqlCommand, and SqlDataReader variables. Next, a connection is opened to the DBMS by creating a SqlConnection object and passing it login information. An instance of the SqlCommand object is then created, passing it the query that will be sent to the DBMS to retrieve our data. The connection is then opened by calling the Connection object's Open() method, and data is returned to the reader by calling the SqlCommand object's ExecuteReaderO method. A reference to the reader is assigned to the Datasource property of the Repeater control, and then the DataBindO method is called to bind the data to the Repeater control. The reader and the connection are then closed.
Before complying with the quit command, Word prompts you to save any unsaved changes to documents. We ll look at how to deal with unsaved changes a little later in this chapter.
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