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(in the case of state-supported institutions, with statewide boards, special commissions, legislators, and the executive branch). Where once an academic administrator managed all the tasks, in larger institutions the tasks now are distributed across several domains. Academic responsibilities remain with the academic administrators, but many of the other chores are assumed by nonacademic administrators or executives. Perhaps the primary roles of the chief executive of cer are fund-raiser and policy maker. He or she seeks to enlarge the institution s endowments. An institution s vitality often is associated with the size of its endowment. As well, he or she must see the big picture of the nation and the world that the institution serves and in which it functions. Advice and opinion on policy come from faculty senates and deans and vice presidents, but the head person must make the decisions. The chief executive of cer has additional duties. For example, the national and international interests and responsibilities of the university typically ow from, or are nurtured by, the chief executive of cer s desk. Legal matters, institutional funding, and relationships with people in the state, the region, and the nation all fall to the top of cer. The president of a single institution or the chancellor of a system makes the nal decisions and is the public spokesperson. Although ve categories of administration are identi ed in Table 6.2, the executive, administrative, and external affairs functions are so close in many institutions that they are organized together and managed by the executive of cer. A function that typically stands alone is the business operation, which handles tuition, endowments, taxes, grants, contracts, purchasing, payroll, and sundry other matters. Business personnel, often managed by a chief of cer at the level of vice president, may not come from the ranks of academe. Their training often is in such areas as accounting, marketing, management, and nance. Public relations is increasingly important to colleges and universities. The people who communicate to the public and the media on behalf of the institution often are trained in public affairs, journalism, or communications. In institutions with a radio or television station, the staff are mediatrained people that is, they are professionals in their eld, not usually academics.
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Key Skills & Concepts
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Components of the Web Template Menu
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The diagram shown in Figure 2-9 depicts the ceramic resonator as a pictorial diagram, where the components look as a components block that might be placed in a circuit rather than an actual schematic diagram.
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One methodto improve the estimateof the slopeinvolves the determination two derivof ativesfor the interval-one at the beginningand anotherat the end.The two derivatives are then averaged obtain an improved estimateof the slopefor the entire interval.Thisapto proach,calledHeun'smethod,is depictedgraphicallyin Fig. 20.4. Recall that in Euler's method.the slopeat the besinnins of an interryal )"i : .f (ti,-vi) is usedto extrapolate linearly to y111 : ))+r:litJ'Gi,Yi)h
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October 2009 42U 78.66 inches (1988 mm) H 23.62 inches (600 mm) W 47.24 inches (1,200 mm) D 2,119 lbs. (963.2 kg) 14.0 kW (14.3 kVA) 47,800 BTU/ hour
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9.2 Approximation algorithms data matrix
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Exchange account Property
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If you send dataresponder.php a value of 1, it will send back the text The server got a value of 1, and if you send a value of 2, the script will send back the text The server got a value of 2.
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The Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression (EHCC) feature is the Oracle compression technology available only to the databases residing on the Exadata Storage Servers. If you plan on using EHCC compression with the Database Machine in a Data Guard configuration, the best practice is to have the primary and the standby databases both reside on the Exadata Storage Servers. Such a Data Guard configuration will provide the best performance and the highest availability of your critical data in the event of failures.
Network Neighborhood/My Network Places
MATLAB allowsy.ruto displaymorethanonedataset on the sameprot.For example, if you want [o connect eachclata rnarker wirh a straight rineyou courdrype
entire haunted house and have your paranoid guests running out the door as you awaken mysterious forces from the other side.
Starting, stopping, and pausing virtual servers Specifying a unique identity for a virtual server Controlling inbound connections for virtual servers Creating a new virtual server Display current sessions for a virtual server Terminating current sessions for a virtual server Configuring the default SMTP virtual server Configuring a front-end server
Figure 7-11 Reporting a menu item selection
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