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Bowes et al. (2002)
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Finally, user-mode printer drivers allow users to set their own printer preferences, but these preferences are derived from the printer properties you set. Make sure you set appropriate properties. For example, if the printer is capable of double-sided printing, set it to print doublesided by default.
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The variable t in the model is assumed to lie in the stated range. If the computation results in an out-of-range value, the user is responsible for re ecting it back in to the speci ed range by adding or subtracting 86400. 4. Calculate the geomagnetic latitude of the Earth projection of the ionospheric intersection point: m = i + 0.064 cos( i 1.617). (C.12)
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In addition to these items, System Manager s console tree may contain other top-level containers depending on how System Manager is configured. These additional containers are:
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Next, let s create a door on the front of the shed. To do this, we will create a new UCS on the plane where the door should be. One of the most useful ways to de ne a new UCS is to select three points that lie on the axes. The rst point becomes the origin and the other two lie on the X and Y axes. 1. Erase the circle you just created.
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along with additional carbohydrates and fats, to allow for that growth to take place. So, if you weigh 200 pounds, you will need 100 grams of protein per day to maintain your existing mass. If you are one of those aboveaverage bodybuilders who nd it easy to gain ten pounds of muscle a year, remember that you ll still need only 6,000 extra calories in a year over what you ll need for energy. Broken down to a daily gure as described earlier, that s only about 16 extra calories a day. Since one gram of protein contains 4 calories, a gram of fat contains 9 calories, and a gram of carbohydrate contains 4 calories, you would actually require only 4 grams of protein a day above your maintenance needs, which is less than the protein contained in one egg. Most of the champion bodybuilders I know who are trying to increase their size and strength have been consuming anywhere from 250 to 400 grams of protein a day. That s far more than any nutritional scientist would recommend for musclebuilding purposes. Translating it into actual numbers just proves that you don t need as many calories or nearly as much protein as you might have been led to believe. Just as most bodybuilders have been seduced by the overly simplistic and erroneous notion that if a little training is good, then three times as much is that much more productive, they also seem to have been taken in by this mistaken belief with regard to their diet. They gure, if 100 grams of protein
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Applying patches and performing upgrades are normal events in the lifecycle of software, and the Exadata Database Machine software components are no exception. The software installed on the database servers, the Exadata Storage Servers, and the InfiniBand switches are candidates for being patched or upgraded when Oracle releases their newer versions. Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) has the capability to patch the Oracle software stack. You can use OEM to simplify the patching experience on the Exadata Database Machine. OEM s integration with My Oracle Support enables you to identify recommended patches for your system by searching Knowledge Base articles, validating them for any conflicts, finding or requesting merge patches, and lastly but not least, automating the patch deployment process by using OEM Provisioning and Patch Automation features. We will next describe the Database Machine patching process using methods that provide zero downtimes. Database high-availability features such as RAC and Data Guard, and the built-in high-availability features of Exadata Storage Server, make zero downtime patching achievable. We will also discuss the methods available for upgrading the database, ASM and Clusterware, with minimal downtime using Data Guard. NOTE The patches for the Database Machine are categorized into database software patches, database system patches (which include the OS, firmware, database, and OFED patches), and the Exadata Storage Server patches. A separate system-level patch for the Exadata Storage Server does not exist, since this is bundled into the Exadata Storage Server patch.
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solder joints, touching up any connection which appears less than perfect. Make sure all excess leads have been trimmed, and that one is not bent back flat against the board, possibly causing a short. Brush the solder side of the board with a stiff brush to make sure that no loose wire trimmings or solder drippings are lodged between connections. Connect up a suitable antenna and connect up the 9 volt battery to the receiver and you are ready to try out the receiver for the first time. After power is first applied and you have connected up your antenna, you will need to adjust the gain control to midrange. Next, you should adjust the squelch control just below the threshold point, so that you can hear the normal background hiss. Now begin turning the tuning control and you should soon come across a public service transmission from a local police or fire broadcast. In the event that you do not hear any hiss coming from the speaker or headphones, or you do not hear any stations after about 20 to 30 minutes, then you may have to troubleshoot the receiver for any errors that may have occurred during the building process. First, disconnect the battery and antenna and un-mount the receiver circuit board from the enclosure. Have a friend assist you in inspecting the circuit board; a different set of eyeballs can often help to find errors quickly. The most common causes for circuit failure are resistors placed in the wrong locations, the second possible cause for errors are improper installation of diodes and electrolytic capacitors. Make sure that you re-check the orientation of these components one more time and refer to the schematic, and parts layout diagrams. Another possible cause for mistake is the improper installation of transistors and integrated circuits. Be sure to recheck the orientation of transistors. Each transistor has three leads, an Emitter, a Collector and a Base lead. Closely inspect and compare the schematic diagram along with the parts layout diagram and manufacturer s specifications sheets to ensure that you have oriented the transistors correctly. Lastly, integrated circuits are often placed backwards in their sockets. After you have checked all the above tips, make sure that the battery is connected correctly with the black battery or minus lead ( ) connected to the circuit ground and the plus (+) or red battery lead connected to the power input regulator of the circuit. Reconnect the battery and the antenna and then switch
pared to only 97 trades or 3 per year for the 25-wma strategy. Thus, this strategy had 567 more trades than the weekly strategy. Look at the equity curve in Figure 9-2. The equity curve is a line graph that plots the continuous profit and loss of each trade. The graph indicates a slow but solid start, then around trade 190 a rise to a peak at trade 350, then a flat period until trade 500, then an upward surge punctuated by huge downswings after trade 600. Although this equity curve was not a smooth, upward-sloping curve, which would be the ideal scenario, at least it held its own during high volatility periods and the 2000 2002 bear market, and it ended at its high for the period. Overall, the 20-dma strategy had only three negative years ( 7 percent in 1977, 11 percent in 1993, and 1 percent in 1994) in its 31-year history. In the terrible bear market years of 1973 and 1974, this strategy had a 49 percent and 4 percent back-to-back positive return. In the 1987 bear market, it gained 46 percent. And in the 2000 2002 bear market, it gained 4 percent, 32 percent, and 16 percent, respectively. Other Daily Moving-Average Back Tests Using TradeStation, I ran an optimization analysis of daily Nasdaq Composite Index moving averages between 15 days and 125 days to determine any discernable profit patterns. The exact same test period as the other back tests was used: the 31-year period from February 7, 1971, through December 27, 2002, as were all the same assumptions Using an 18- to 22-dma, I found the total returns for the period to be in the $37 million to $56 million range. The 23- to 50-dmas produced returns in the $19 million to $28 million range. By contrast a 100-dma and 125-dma had total returns of about $6 million. Thus, my testing confirms Colby s findings that shorter moving averages have higher returns than intermediate and long-term moving averages. The highest returns for the Nasdaq Composite Index were clearly in the 18- to 22-day range. The optimal strategy turned out to be the 18-dma, with a total return of $56.02 million, and an annualized return of 22.47 percent. This return was almost $10 million better than the 20-dma strategy which had a 21.74 percent
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jumper. numericalmethods.In fact, we have alreadydone so in our exampleof the bungee I and I .2 was to predictvelocity as a function Recall that the objectiveof both Examplesl. by in u(/). As specified Eq.(4. 13), u(l) of time. That is, we were interested deterrnining in can be expanded a Taylor series: , r , ( / i + r:) u ( t ) * u ' { / 1 1 1 ' * , I , ) * { f LI , r , * , - t i ) z+ " ' - F R,,
In addition to attestation, another common requirement is to provide compliance and security officers a single consolidated view of who has access to what resources and applications in the enterprise. In other words, officers are looking for a reporting solution around users and their access. One of the benefits of using a centralized hub-and-spoke architecture (see 8 for details about this type of architecture) as implemented by a product like OIM is the ability to centralize the identity data into a single repository, which allows you to run reports on top of that data. Access reporting is a key feature of OIM, especially when you need to report on applications that fall under the compliance requirements of SOX and other legislative mandates. Since every new user and modification to existing users is processed through OIM, you can use OIM s reporting infrastructure as a fairly reliable source for asking the question who has access to what and, occasionally, who had access to what. Through the web administrative console, OIM offers two types of reporting functionality: operational and historical. Operational reporting gives the user a snapshot of the current users access. Historical reporting provides an additional time dimension so that you can view a snapshot in history. A good example that may be driven by SOX requirements is the need to see who had access to the financials application during a certain time period (such as during a corporate quiet period of June 1 30 in 2008). Both types of reports are critical both for compliance and for assuring auditors that the information was under authorized access at all times. To run either operational or historical reports, navigate to the Reporting section of the OIM administrative UI and click the appropriate report and query with the desired parameters. Figure 9-12 shows a sample report on access to the Financial Accounting application in my environment. Notice that in Figure 9-12, you can modify parameters to customize your report. You can also export to text-based formats that can be imported into tools such as MS Excel, allowing you to share these reports via e-mail to other parties, such as corporate auditors.
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