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<% set RS = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") RS.Open "SELECT * from hotels;", "dsn=mydatabase;" %>
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The recommended ASM diskgroup best-practice configuration as discussed in 5 is to create a minimum of two diskgroups in the Database Machine. The first diskgroup will store the user and system tablespaces, and the second will store the database Fast Recovery Area (FRA). The database FRA is used for storing archived logs, flashback logs, redo logs, and control files. For the purpose of this discussion, let us assume the diskgroup that stores user data is named DATA and the diskgroup that stores the FRA is named RECOV. NOTE A third ASM diskgroup is created by Oracle when configuring the Database Machine. This diskgroup is typically used to store OCR and voting disks required by Oracle Clusterware, and is created on the grid disks residing on the outermost tracks. The DATA diskgroup should be created on grid disks that reside on the hot or outer tracks of the cell disk, whereas the RECOV diskgroup should reside on the cold or inner tracks of the cell disk. This ensures higher performance for the applications by ensuring faster access to the data blocks from the hot areas of the cell disk. Storage Configuration with Data Guard The Data Guard setup ensures that you can tolerate all types of failures on the primary site, up to and including a total disaster of the primary. Also, for failures that are limited to a single Exadata Storage Server, the Grid RAID features will make the data available at all times without requiring the need to fail over to the standby site. The MAA best practices for configuring DATA and RECOV diskgroups with Data Guard are
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Management Considerations
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29: Fine-Tuning Dimensions
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With Exadata, the use of Bloom filters has been pushed to the Exadata Storage Server, which means that this performance-enhancing technique no longer requires CPU utilization on the database server, and that the Bloom filter can cut down on the amount of data being returned from the Exadata Storage Server. The join itself is actually completed by the database instance. NOTE In the current release of the Exadata Storage Server Software, Bloom filters are also used for comparison with the maximum and minimum values in a storage index, which is described later in this chapter. Join filtering further eliminates the amount of data returned to the database instance by removing rows that will not be needed for a join. You can recognize a step in an execution plan that may use offloading by the use of a new keyword in the name of the operation, as shown in Figure 3-1. The word storage used in this section indicates that a predicate
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Figure 9-5 Here's a sample of the data and data definitions that are used in entities of an e-commerce web site.
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Of course, compressing data means that you either need less storage for your data or you can store more data in the same storage. In either case, you will save money on storage. But keep in mind that compressed data means that a compressed data block contains more data, which can mean fewer I/O operations to retrieve a set of rows. In addition, compressed data takes up less space in memory, which means more data blocks in the buffer cache and an improvement in the utilization of this cache. Taken together, these benefits can result in improved performance for some I/O operations, such as table scans, as well as increased overall query performance, based on a higher utilization of data in the buffer cache. code 39 generator source code
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well, but the tardive dyskinesias stand apart because they may persist for months or years and may be permanent. Oral, lingual, and laryngeal dyskinesias of the tardive type are affected relatively little by any antiparkinsonian drugs. Amantadine (Symmetrel) in doses of 50 to 100 mg tid has been useful in a few of the cases of postphenothiazine dyskinesia. Other drugs such as benztropine have been tried in the treatment of regional and more generalized tardive dyskinesia, with uncertain results. Nevertheless, there is a tendency for most of the obstinate forms to subside slowly even after several years of unsuccessful therapy. Once a tardive syndrome has been identi ed, several authoritative clinicians recommend a gradual reduction in the dose of the antipsychosis medication to the minimum necessary for the control of psychotic symptoms. Some reports favor the substitution of one of the newer atypical antipsychotic medications but no systematic study of their effectivenes has been undertaken. For severe and recalcitrant cases, particularly those involving axial dystonias and similar disabling features, Fahn recommends administration of the dopamine depleting drug tetrabenazine (similar but faster in action and less toxic than reserpine). This medication is given in doses of 75 to 300 mg per day. Jankovic and Beach report an 83 percent success rate using this approach for tardive dyskinesias. The medication is not easily available in the United States but can be obtained from Canada at this time. The use of low doses of antipsychotic drugs and frequent drug holidays, especially in the more susceptible older patients, may help to prevent the development of tardive dyskinesia.
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The created role is a normal Oracle SAR, visible from the DBA_APPLICATION_ROLES view, but the PL/SQL program that can enable the role is defined by DBV itself:
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Parameters for the Ticker Web Item
Applied SAP BI 7.0 Web Reports
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CHAPTER 8 Linear Applications
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