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Tracking Time
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Show Export Dialog (SHOW_EXPORT_DIALOG) Paper Size (PAPER_SIZE)
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Figure 11-4
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De ning the error state vector as x = x x, by linearizing the di erence between eqns. (7.10) and (7.12), the dynamic equation for the state error vector is 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 u 0 0 x + 1 0 0 . (7.15) x = 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 y 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 In the derivation of this model, in the standard form of eqn. (4.57), the elements F23 , F25 , and G23 warrant additional discussion. These terms are a linearization of u + x3 a 1 x5 evaluated for x near x. Using the fact that for | x| the linearization proceeds as follows a u + x3 1 x5 = a (u + x5 u + x3 + x3 x5 ) a (a x5 a x3 1 + x5 u + x3 + x3 x5 ) (7.16) 1,
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As it turned out, March 2009 was the low for the year. The S&P 500 subsequently zoomed up over 70 percent, leaving many frightened investors behind. Another sentiment indicator that Steenbarger likes is the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) TICK, a statistic put out by the NYSE. It is simply the number of stocks that are trading on upticks minus the number of stocks that are trading on downticks, he says. Obviously, if you have more stocks trading on upticks than downticks, it s showing you the buyers are being more aggressive. Conversely, if there is more trading on downticks than upticks, it s the sellers who are being more aggressive. This indicator is very useful for the short-term trader, Steenbarger says, but it can be combined from day to day to give you a longer time frame. It tells the short-term trader which side of the market is more aggressive. A third sentiment indicator Steenbarger likes is the CBOE Put/Call Ratio. This is the number of put options versus the number of call options. A while back the Put/Call Ratio went as high as 0.80, which was an alert that the market was getting too bearish. And sure enough, the market proceeded to run up after hitting that peak. A few weeks later, the Put/Call Ratio fell to 0.43, which indicated the market was getting a little bit toppy. It turned out to be a very good call.
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Here s what the callback function callbackMessage1 looks like:
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involved during calf raises: peroneus longus, tibialis anterior, exterior digitorum longus, gastrocnemius, soleus, and triceps surae. Press up as high as you can on your toes and hold the contraction for a two-count before lowering your heels in four seconds back to the starting position. Repeat for your I.S.R.
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Space telescopes get above the dirty window of gases that absorb, disperse, and scatter the light. They are also freed from the constraints imposed by gravity. This makes it possible to build gigantic instruments without concern for lens or mirror sag. The HST has a mirror approximately 2.4 m (94 in) across. This is not particularly large as telescopes go, but we should expect that some future space telescopes will have much larger mirrors. Problems caused by dew and frost are eliminated in outer space because there is no water vapor to condense on the optics. There is no atmospheric dust to accumulate on instruments either. The HST can be covered when not in use, so meteoric dust can be kept out. The telescope contains onboard computers and steering devices and is powered by batteries recharged with solar panels. The HST uses a Cassegrain design. The f-ratio is optimized. Several instruments are available to obtain, process, and analyze images. These include: I High-speed photometer I Wide-field camera I Faint-object camera I Faint-object spectrometer I Multiobject spectrometer I IR camera
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Nineteen: S I D s R e c e i v e r
These separate molecules by size smaller ones move farther.
13: Automating Apple Mail
Figure 8-7 The application detects which check boxes are checked.
The equation to solve is 1=3 1=t 1=2. The LCD is 6t. 1 1 1 t  3  2  1 1 1 6t 6t 3 t 2     1 1 6t 6t 3t 3 t 2t 6 3t 2t 2t 6 t
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